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CrashLands Tundra Walkthrough Quests Guide TipsA CrashLands Walkthrough for the Tundra area with Quests, Guides and Tips to stay on track. The Tundra seems to be the largest of the 3 area when it comes to enemies and resource types. When it comes to size every area is the same accept with different surroundings. Remember to keep  the best weapons in your hand so everything else hits hard too.

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Walkthrough – Tundra

Here’s a Savanna, Bawg and Tundra Walkthrough on one page if that’s what your into, otherwise check out the single walkthrough for:

Crashlands Tundra Map

Crashlands Tundra Map

Special Delivery A Fallen Star – Travel to Fallen Star north on map to find a crashed ship from Bawg completion movie. You’ll need to get 7 Shirk Beakfragments from the wildlife in the area for the Shirkbeak Pickaxe.

Word to the Central Podquard – Make Shredbasket (optional?) and visit Central Podguard just southwest.

The Shard Guard – Head to Alpha Shard east on the map in red lettering.

Slurrin’ it Up – Go get 10 Karboan and process them at the Slurrifier.

Defend the Alpha Shard – Make the Karbopole and get 5 Ventsleepers from fishing holes. Get the Glaser Silk from a Glaser pet while in a nest.

Delicacies for Alpha – Return to Alpha Shard Podguard with 5 Ventsleepers.

Defend the Beta Shard – Head to Beta Shard on the map.

Rebuild the Beta Fort – Build Karboan Wall x7 at the Tumbler workstation and return to Beta Fort.

Pat Selves on Back – Complete wall only to get it destroyed right away in talk scene. Be careful as after talking you’ll get jumped by 2 big Lyff.

Shardhouse Beta Defense – I killed one of the two enemies that spawned and noticed this came available so I’m not sure if you even have to kill the 2 Lyss’s.

Alpha Shard Down – This is up for a micro second before being completed for successfully moving onto the next dialog text box.

Return to Tchika – Visit Tchika in Central Podguard.

Waiting on a Pow – Make Spinesaw and harvest Bluff far out for 20 Bluffluff.

Teach a Polari to Fish – Talk to Grandmammy in Creepstone Podguard.

To The Surface – Make 2 Frozen Fish Food at the Tumbler and return to Central Podguard.

Feed an Army – Place the 2 Fish Food in the 2 water hole tiles right next to Tchika.

Where’s the Pow? – Head to POW? north on the map. This mission might have a glitch as the NPC Pow? standing in the quest receiving spot didn’t pop it’s 3 green dots when approached at first, I had to approach from the bottom to get 3 green dots to appear for mission continuation.

Pow is Elsewhere! – Head to POW! north on the map and talk to Pow.

Charades – Make a Pincushion bomb at a Burnchurn and return to Pow. Find ingredients for Burnchurn by cutting down Flailtree (T5 Saw), then throwing the flailpod to explode Flungus for pods.

Back to Central Podguard – Go back to Central Podguard and get Icy Pickaxe.

Splishy – Head to Splishy Smithy north on map, you’ll need a Icy Pickaxe from a Burnchurn to get through to quest objective. Lyff Crystalshards come from harvest from the Lyff pet while it’s in the nest.

Refining Relationships – Talk to Splish, then build a Bagpump at a Refinery and place it in the water enclosed area next around Splishy. You can take the Bagpump back right away after quest.

Alloyonite Breakthrough – Head to Central Podguard and talk to Tchika.

Jaango’s Escape Plan – Head to Prison Compound east on the map and find key. Defeat the 3 small and one medium sized Blastcrabs at night to open the prison.

Takeout Warden 1 – Warden Sharpie is a Giant Shirk that gets stuck on walls easy. If you get to much distance Warden Sharpie will refill HP.

Defeat Wardens 2 and 3 – Kill the No Name and Warden BAAAAA in the second Prison room. I took them outside one by one then kept running circles around them getting a hit in when I could, Stunning Mirror beatings, Bamli pets for plasma burn, Laser Leash to mock them and a Blo-Pipe for fun. I suppose if I had the Lv33 Weapon things would have been easier, but time was a factor.

Defeat Warden 4 – Warden Whiplash is a giant Slurb. When it stops bouncing after you go in for a hit and repeat. I got the Slurp Egg on the kill ,not sure if this is intentional, but it’s a main factor in getting the Lv33 Weapon.

Defeat the Final Wardens – Kill Warden Eelelelele in the final Prison area on the east side. This guy is pretty tough and has a ton of HP. I kind of cheated to kill him. When using the Laser Leash when on the other side of a wall you can keep your pet fighting an enemy while you stay safely on the other side, you’ll have to tap the Laser Leash right away with cooldown is over to keep my Bamli pet from spawning to your position.

Freeing the Eastwing Polari – Return to Central Podguard and talk to Tchika.

Splish’s Forge – Build the Foundry Workstation and return to Splish in Central Porguard. You’ll have to fight a few Gulanti to get the job done which can be a difficult task. Best to use there weakness poison 50% and fire 70%, then keep them on the other side of water while you peg them with ranged attacks and let a good pet take care of them.

Aoria’s Jaw – Get 10 Gulanti Chompers and return to Splish in Central Podguard. Reward Lonsdaxe Lv35 Weapon.

To the Elderstone – Head to the Elderstone far east on the map and walk up to those surrounding it.

To Space – Step through the Elderstone portal for the Tundra BOSS FIGHT: Hewgodooko – This boss was extremely difficult at first until I came in with some bombs and focused on removing Hewgodooko asap. I had all the Lv35 gear with 4 armor pieces and the weapon along with a T3 Bamli pet, Depth Charges and some high grade healing potions. Check the video below for a video walkthrough.

Go Home – Roll End Credits in Super Slow Motion. After the credit you can continue playing and clean any side mission and find the rest of those hidden bosses.

Central Podguard

Cold, Cold Revenge A Grinding Halt – Talk to Wolo after Special Delivery: Freeing the Eastwing Polari. Get 10 Slurb Spine and Throak Nematocyte.

Deafening Silence Quiet, Now – Talk to Puhts after Special Delivery: Freeing the Eastwing Polari. Reward is Potted Bunnion.

Explosive Genius Harvest Speed – Talk to Pow after Special Delivery: Back to Central Podguard. Get 3 Magmite Kings

Pow’s Kingmaker – Return Magmite Kings to Pow. Rewards Harvest MK5 bombs and MK5 schematic.

Bundles of Booms – Get a Flashfizzbang, Slurricane and Pincushion bomb and return to Pow in Central Podguard.

Farmanomaly Taming the Land – Talk to Juhguh after Special Delivery: Freeing the Eastwing Polari. Go to Sikka’s Farm east on map.

Not so Extinct Speak with Blajam – Go to west side of town.

Things that go BUMP – Kill Shirk somewhere, was farming for better Fursmasher weapon when completed on accident close by Tundra entrance.

Return to Blajam -

Records of Sorrow Vuhduh’s Recorders – Talk to Vuhduh after Special Delivery: Back to Central Podguard. Go to Shattered Scar east on map.

Serious Fun Bringing Good Cheer – Talk to Splish after Special Delivery: Freeing the Eastwing Polari. Make 3 Spongy Podcake and return.

The Blindboxxor Driving out the Lights – Talk to Jahb after Special Delivery: Freeing the Eastwing Polari. Make an Emerald Hand Torch.

Brighter Lights – Talk to Splish close by.

Splish’s Light – Get 10 Icequills and 5 Electrucus and return.

Creepstone Podguard

Best of Fins Whiky’s Arrangement –

Greenthumb Connecting the Dots – Get 5 Potted Parapods and 5 Slurricanes.

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