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Crashlands Wiki Guide FAQ Tip Walkthrough CheatsA place destine for CrashLands Wiki info, Guides, FAQ stuff, Tip, Walkthroughs and Cheats, or destined to fail from sever lack of content. CrashLands is Survival and Exploration RPG developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans and is available for Android, iOS and Steam. I’m hoping this thing is the next Minecraft Terraria Diablo hybrid for mobile and Steam with tons of different things to experience.

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Check CrashLands website for the latest info and download links. Come back here for regularly updated content on various game features like tips and tricks.

CrashLands Wiki & Guide

Tip & Tricks

Beat Enemies Easy – Get enemies attention with ranged or melee weapons then let your pet attack while you slowly walk away. Eventually your pet will loose interest so you’ll have to get physical again. I believe this is called pulling.

Beds – Sleep in beds to cycle day and night or when HP is low.

Biomes – Biomes are environments that have specific content including enemies, items, recipes and many other things you would see in a different biodome. You start in the Savanna. Unlock Bawg by completing Crafting Contact questline and use portal to get there. Unlock Tundra by probably following Bawg main questline.

Day/Night Cycles – Some enemies only come out during the day and some during the night like Glutterfly’s.

DPS – DPS is the basis for almost every attack and your main weapon is in charge of total DPS. Always having the best weapon will make sure attacks from weapons, devices like the Blo-Pipe and pet damage are hitting as hard as they can, bombs will thank you. Check total DPS any time out of battle by taping the Flux equip menu and view the right stats.

Fishing – When fishing you’ll only get a certain amount of tried be fore the hole has to cooldown. Basically anything withing hook grabbing range will be considered caught. The bigger the circle the better the catch, patient can be a real winner with the good stuff often landing right in front of the hook with time, or at least you can get the timing down. I’ll try to label all fishing spots on walkthrough map.

Fishing Create Spot – During your adventures you can place Fish Food (Fishiminea station) in water to create new fishing holes. You’ll need to use Glidopus Larve from a Glidpus pet while nesting for a building resource.

Flying – Done with 2 minute buffs in the field and possible trinkets please please please crossing fingers.

  • Benefits of Flying Include: Fishing over water, Flying, Increased Reaction Time, Infinite Fight over water when timers runs out on temp buff, flying over land will cancel effect, Moving Fast, Moving over water and gaps, Out running fast projectiles.

Golden Chest & Golden Keys – In many locations scattered across the land there are chest of gold. These require golden keys to open and have better drops than normal unlocked chests.

Night Danger – Be careful walking around at night as strong monster tend to come out. Walk to far one way without protection and be prepared to get one hit kill by the night life, fast quick hard loud.

Quests – Sticking to quests will help tremendously in moving forward as many things are locked in the beginning with them. Make sure when you find groups of friends to keep an eye on them as they can offer quests after completing some for those around them.

Some places you come across may seem locked or impossible to get into. Many of these places are related to quest and you’ll need to initiate them before proceeding. Quests are listed in order of finding them currently until something better comes along.

Randomality – So far the environment does seem to be random with the little exploration I have done with 2 saves. Finding and taking down certain enemies might be more random however.

Re-spawn – Tap most spawn locations to make them you permanent re-spawn for when you die. You can change this whenever you like and much as you like.

Re-spawn Resources – To re spawn resources and other harvestables just reload the game.

Signs – Carrying signs and marking important areas can help out big time in the long run with things like fishing spots and epic farming locations.

Walk on Water Like Jesus – Always remember to bring extra floor panels so you can build a path across water which is actually not like Jesus cause apparently he used some kind of MJ flops and technically is lying too so really not like Jesus, this websites going to hell for sure.


Most games on mobile wont have any cheats as it tends to drain the sink, but since this things on Steam and has a abnormally large gameplay area you could expect some fancy trickery.

Play Bad & Ruin Game – Turn mobile device upside down.

Play Better – Eat healthy, reduce stress and get good sleep. DO NOT make hardcore challenge bets for real money with an adopted step brother that has ties to the Mexican Mafia.

Secret Cow Level – Moo…Moooooo…Moooooooooooooooooo…Moo (Insert eating grass here).


Inventory Size – The size of your inventory is infinite so you can hold everything you pick up always and forever.

Release Date – January 21, 2016 for Android, iOS and on Steam.

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