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Criminal Case Wiki Guide FAQ Tip Trick CheatA Criminal Case Wiki, Guide and FAQ with a growing list of Tips, Tricks and Cheats. Criminal Case is an Adventure game developed by Pretty Simple and is available for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This Criminal Case Wiki along with the Guides and FAQ’s can be updated daily with new Tips, Tricks and Cheats. Be sure to check back in the near future for more stuff. Please feel free to use the comment below to ask questions or share important information.

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Avatar Shop – The Avatar Shop is a place to change the look of your character. You can even change if it’s male or female by paying 1,500g. None of the item will offer any kind of boost and are purely vanity. Gold should be spent on more important things like power-ups and buffs which will help you get ahead.

Elite Mode – Once a certain amount of stars are found in stage you will unlock the Elite Mode. This will be the final mission before getting a Gold Medal for the stage.

Energy – Your gonna have to wait to fill up your energy in order to keep playing. Probably the one and only things wrong with this game besides the advertising of cigarets to children which is illegal.

Pets – In order to unlock the pets options you’ll first have to get 2 Gold Medal by completing all stars on 2 stages. These will usually be the last places unlocked in an area. More often then not you’ll probably be coming back for them.

Rank – Increasing your rank will improve you overall rating.


Bandwidth – When playing this app my bandwidth goes through the roof. It really bogs down my internet and send up my Task Manager Wireless Connection graph through the roof, higher than I have ever seen it. Not sure what kind of data this things is trying to send and receive, but it seems to be a lot. It may be specific to BlueStacks.

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  1. There is great fun with playing Criminal Case which I do. For quick help, I approach gameskip.

  2. I have made arrests in elite mode on cases 2-6. It won’t let me move on to case 7 elite mode, it keeps telling me I have to make 1 more arrest in elite mode. How do I move on?

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