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Crusaders Quest Best HeroThe Crusaders Quest Best Hero is going to be one of the Legendary ranked heroes. Legendary are the best hero because on average they have 15% better stats than other classes. The 48 different Master classes are a close second, but are not as powerful overall.

Visit our Crusaders Quest Wiki and Guide for more info.

There are 6 legendary heroes total one for each class Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Archer, Wizard and Priest. You’ll start with the first one for the Warrior category and must build him up from 1 star to 6 stars. All of them can be obtained by getting them as a reward in the Ancient Dungeon.

Out of all of them I would say the most useful is going to be the Priest Maria. Having a strong healer in the party will make most stages much easier. You want have to worries so much about party members dying which reduces DPS and clogs up the skills menu.

The next one in line for most usefulness would have to be a ranged attacker. This would include a Archer, Hunter, and Wizard. These 3 classes are a must for doing damage to the enemies hiding out in the back row. Later their skills will do great damage to all foes on the screen making easy work of many enemies.

The last one would be a front row fighter which is either a Warrior or a Paladin. Since you start the game with Leon this wont be a problem. Here’s some more information on the Best Team.

Keep in mind that many stages have different types of enemies with different weaknesses. In some stages one set up will work while in other it will not. For this reason it’s a good idea to try and upgrade 1 of each class to it’s fullest to profit in all situations.

To increase the star rank of each class you’ll have to spend Honor points. These can be acquired by completing Quests in Town, retiring heroes, winning in the Colosseum and the Ancient Dungeon. Check out our Exp Chart for good places to farm.

Crusaders Quest Best Heroes – Legendary

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