Mar 072015

Crusaders Quest Best TeamThe Crusaders Quest Best Team would consist of a Melee, Priest, and Ranged class. This combo should allow for easy defeat of most stages. The best team can vary slightly though sometimes you’ll need a Wizard and sometimes you’ll need an Archer. Also check out our Best Hero post for info on the must have party members.

For most of the game many players are gonna be stuck making the best with what they got. For the most part your gonna want to fill your team with all legendary classes. You start out with the Warrior Leon and can find the rest in the Ancient Dungeon.

Visit our Crusaders Quest Wiki and Guide for more info.

Beside legendary, master and normal classes will have to do. You can retire units that are not use any more for currency towards upgrading other more useful players.

The Priest is the most useful team member as their healing will ensure that everybody makes it through the stage. When heroes start to die your DPS will go down and skills for the dead class will clog up the skill menu at the bottom of the screen. This will eventually lead to no special skills being ably to be used if your party isn’t completely wiped out first. All of these things can make completing stages much more difficult.

In some situations you might not have the honor points to increase a hero to their next stage. In these situations it’s best to level up someone else because they can be retired for more honor points that can be used to upgrade the class that you really need.You should always try to have a party that can gain experience so it’s not wasted on maxed out heroes.

Remember to complete the quests that are offered in town as they can often reward honor which your going to need a ton of if you plan on completing the game.

Feel free to leave a comment with any input you might have that could help others. If your looking for great places to level up and farm visit the Exp Chart.

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