Mar 082015

Crusaders Quest Coupon CodesCrusaders Quest Coupon Codes seem pretty hard to come by at the moment. I’m truly dislike how developers tease us with the Coupon Code and Promo Code areas without coming through. From what I’ve gather this feature is mainly used to lure gamers in who are playing other apps. Check out our Exp Chart for good places to farm that might feel like you where using a coupon.

For example if you go to the official Facebook of Crusaders Quest you’ll see them promoting others games with coupons for bonus currency in those games.

Visit our Crusaders Quest Wiki and Guide for more info.

Apparently this app must be there flag ship and they seem to be hard up for making money with it. They advertise their other titles with bonus offers, but when going to their other games Facebook’s they simply point link to Crusader Quest without any codes or offers.

From experience working in places with many discount codes I know that somewhere there is a hug list of coupon codes just waiting to be entered. Unfortunately, it look like we the gamer we’ll never get to experience it’s gifts and rewards.

My guess is that another use for the feature would be to give investment parties and friends or family options to complete the app without having to spend real money.

Maybe I’m being too hard on the developers. They could at least put up some kind of like or share gate with something good on the other side. I cant wait until we have console or PC quality games on hand held devices so we can get some real content that’s completable and much more reasonable in cost.

There are a few places offering lists, but all the codes seem to be taped out. If you have any information that could help others in the pursuit of easy hand outs  please feel free to leave a comment below.

Be sure to check back to this post in the near future because as soon as I find anything I’m gonna put it here right away.

Crusaders Quest Coupon Codes




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