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Crusaders Quest Exp ChartBelow is an Crusaders Quest Exp Chart for Normal and Hard difficulties. It does not include the 5th area only the first 4. Apparently this experience chart was placed online by an unknown user and I take no credit for this work. I’m simply reposing and optimizing it so others can use it. Hers some info on the Best Heroes if your interested.

There a 2 kinds of experience in Crusader Quest. The first is for the players account which is used to unlock certain game features like Ancient Dungeons. It can also be used by other players to gauge how far someone has gotten in the game.

Visit our Crusaders Quest Wiki and Guide for more info.

The second kind of experience is for heroes which levels them up letting them i,prove their rank and star quality. This is probably more important out of the 2 types as hero levels is what gonna get you through this thing.

Unfortunately, the chart doesn’t show how much exp is gonna be needed for each level increase. It also doesn’t have stat for every stage so I’m assuming that the ones not list are the same as the ones that are list prior to an increase.

When farming exp pay attention to how much is earned per meat fro each stage. Boss levels produce the most in an area for a hero, but are a bad investment if your trying to level you player account.

The best rule of thumb for farming is to keep moving forward as hero exp keeps going up and without them you want progress very fast. If you do get stuck at a hard location you should use the chart to find which past stages will be the best for farming. For example the 12th stage in each eara produces almost as much experience as the boss stage.

Crusaders Quest Exp Chart

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Crusaders Quest Exp Chart for Normal

Crusaders Quest Exp Chart for Hard

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