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Crusaders Quest Unit List & GuideThis is a short Crusaders Quest Unit List & Guide to help get people on the right track. You can view a list of every unit by tapping the Tome button and then selecting the helmet while in Town. Even is the character is darkened out indicating they have not been found you can still look at their stats, then train them to see what they will be after fulling training them.

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Right now there are 314 different units to choose from. For the sake of this guide I’m not going to list them all.

Out of those 314 there are only 6 classes which include the Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Archer, Wizard and Priest. Each of these classes play an important role in completing stages. A good tip is to pay attention to who is dealing the most damage in battle via the damage and healing meter show in the top left of the screen during a stage. You’ll want to focus more on the Hero dealing the most damage and replace or adjust the low damage dealers.

For the most part your gonna want to have 1 or 2 melee fighter and a ranged attacking class. Having a Priest in the party can help out a bunch in many levels, but in some having more DPS is going to make the difference.

Crusaders Quest Unit List & Guide

Warrior – A strict power house that focuses on deal big damage to the front line of enemy hordes. This class is a must for taking damage so the more squishy classes don’t die right away. Keeping this guy upgraded and maxed out will help the front line from falling and potentially loosing a stage.

Paladin – This is a cross between a Warrior and a healer with some skill restoring party members health in battle. Attack have a tendency to move past the front line hitting enemies hiding in the back row. This is a good class to replace the healer with when you need a little more DPS.

Hunter and Archer – These 2 are a lot alike in that they both should be placed in the back row because of their small defense. These guys have some big moves that are great at penetrating enemies defenses and destroying the back row. These two deal mostly physical damage which will do big hurt to physical enemies.

Wizard – This guy does the most hurt to physical enemies and less to other magic classes. Probably the most squishy class, but makes up for it by hitting the bad guys hard whit large area attacks.

Priest – One of the most important units as he keeps the party going by making sure everyone has full health. For long battle like with bosses this classes will help you nag in there for the long run. In some situations though it might be better to switch out the Priest for a Paladin who has less healing capabilities, but does more damage.

Eventually, when leveling up it won’t matter so much who you use because you’ll be over level for that area. Where thing really get tough is on later hard difficulty levels and battling the World Boss. Remember to assign skill to heroes that have a 3 star rank and high. Also remember to upgrade equipment and train as this will help out a bunch. Here’s some more info on the Best Team that you may find useful.

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