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Cure Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks Strategy HelpThis is a growing Cure Wiki, Guide and FAQ with Tips, Tricks, Strategy and Help. There was a time in history when everyone seem to think that a doctor would always be needed for every day issues from sickness to birth defects.

Today with the giant leeps forward in nutrition and understanding how the body works many things can be prevented or cured. Many still don”t know that the body needs 90 Essential Nutrients (Healthy Body Start Pak) to function without have medical issues like MS and Heart Disease to name a few. When taken with the correct diet you will prevent over 99% of birth defects.

The FDA and many other medical professionals are trying desperately to hold on to their medical system of man made synthetic drugs. They have build up a huge system of horrors where they make more money of the side effects of prescription drugs and medical mistakes than the initial treatment. Oh, and there’s that word treatments. Doctors looooove treatments because they keep you coming back and making them money.

The FDA along with the prescription crazy doctor are better known as made scientist pursuing some kind of delusion. Did you know that your local hospital has 500 antibiotics that can cure certain things. Besides that they have over 250,000 treatments option from their physicians desk reference book, most of which are for things that re already cured.

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The below video is a collaboration of some of the most important information ever to come out of Dr. Joel Wallahs mouth. I GUARANTEE you that when you done watching it you’ll be smarter than 90% of the doctors in the US. Why? Because they learn specific information in school to profit in an industry and that’s about it. It’s all for the money and cures don’t make money, long term treatment do.

Warning, you might be severely unhappy when you learn that many friends and family that have died around you where actually killed by a doctor, legally. A doctor does not have to give you a cure when there is one and so they always opt for treatment or surgery for the money/greed.

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