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Darth Vader - Star Wars Galaxy of HeroesDarth Vader in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is one of the more sought after characters in the game. Darth Vader belongs to the dark side and the Empire with lots of power to handle the competition. Everything he has is overpowered when compared to others units available.

Like other EA games, Vad’s has been placed early and is hard to get for earning purposes along with keeping your eye on the carrot. Because of this you can expect him to be tougher than most. In a game where you have to play the dark side this guy is gonna come in handy along the way.

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Attacks & Abilities

Terrifying Swing (Basic) – Physical damage to single target with 50% chance to block ability for 1 turn. Also has 25% change to ignore armor.

Force Crush (Special) – Physical damage to all and cause 2 dot effects for 2 rounds.

Culling Blade (Special) – Physical damage to all while removing negative statues effects. Does 30% more damage for each dispel and grants 100% trun meter refill on a killing blow.

Inspiring Through Fear (Leader) – Empire allies get 15% offense.

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When meeting Darth on the field he is often alone with 2 decoy robot that can be taken down at will. Make sure to stay healed and below kill shot range as the Culling Blade skill could play catch up.


Darth Vader shards are some of the first you may come across while completing achievements making it hard to farm them at first. When using the find shard function on the stat screen nothing shows up making this character seem harder to get than others.

Achievements – Not he most reliable way to earn shards. These will be slow going, though working towards some of them will speed things along.

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