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DomiNations Wiki Guide FAQ Tip Trick CheatA DomiNations Wiki, Guide and loaded with an FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Cheats. DomiNations is a strategy game developed by NEXON M Inc. and is available for both Android on Google play and iOS on iTunes.

This DomiNations Wiki, Guide and FAQ along with the Tips, Tricks and Cheats can be updated daily depending on popularity. Check back in the near future for more content. Please leave and questions or helpful advice in the comments below.

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Ages – Each Age will unlock new tech that can be used to gain more strength. To move the Age forward you’ll need to upgrade the Town Center. This will be the most important things to upgrade as everything else is tied in with the Town Center. They include Stone, Bronze, Iron, Medieval, Classical, Gunpowder, Industrial and Enlightenment.

Best Nations -The best nation would be the furthest one out which is Enlightenment, I think. The ultimate nation capable of building anything and taking down the biggest opponents in the world.

Best Layout – The best layout in the beginning is to place towers so they can protect every structure. When short on fire power you can always move them in the heat of battle. Try to keep moving forward in the game and max the level of everything.

Crowns – Crowns are a payed currency that can be gotten for free by completing goals, clearing forests and purchasing them in the store. I would try to hold on to these for when you really need them. The only things that crowns are used for is to speed up action so things build faster. Remember that anything that has under 5 minutes left can be sped up for free.

Wonders – Wonders are very important for increasing the productivity of resources and buildings. There are so many that can be purchased per era and you’ll need to upgrade the Town Center to build better wonders.

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  1. You said the best nation is, enlightenmeant?

    I’m no expert but I think your talking about the highest age,

    You also said crowns can be gotten for free by accomplishone goals, clearing forest or purchasing them. I’m not sure if you know what purchase means, but it’s never free.

    Then you said there are a lot of wonders that can be purchased per age. But only one can be purchased per age

    If you have some kind of disability I apologize but you really need to work on your communication skills.

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