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Dragon Blaze Arena Strategy Guide WalkthroughA basic Dragon Blaze Arena Strategy Guide with Walkthrough elements. For the best results use a group with high levels and upgrades to do well in the Arena. The Labyrinth is another ticket user where gold can be earned.

This Dragon Blaze Arena Strategy Guide and Walkthrough can be updated at any time. Please leave questions in the comments or other juice little tidbits you may know of. find all things related on the Dragon Blaze Wiki.

Dragon Blaze Arena Strategy Guide & Walkthrough

They goal is to get as many points as possible to increase your rank and gain better prizes at the end of the week. You will earn 3 friend points on a win and 1 on a loss. You’ll need to back out of the Arena menu completely and then re-enter to shuffle the opponent list.

When you reach about 1950 point it will be much harder to find easy targets to beat. It feels like some kind of mechanic set in place to make reaching higher rankings more competitive. Refreshing the list will have to be done more from then on for keeping combos.

Challenge Chance – Never challenge, the devs has put this in to hurt you. You will often be faced with an over level opponent that you could never defeat. When doing good with 20+ streaks the Challenge will pop up every time hoping you accidentally click on the okay button. Wining will double the points earned, loosing sucks.

Points – The first person on the list will always be worth 12 base points, then subtract 1 for each spot going down with 8 being the lowest. This may not be so useful on long steak as you’ll need to take what you can get, but may help someone low on tickets do better.

Rewards – You will get Arena Rewards 3 am every Tuesday and the next week will start 10 minutes after. Getting into the top %’s will be easy. Making it into the top 50 is gonna be much more difficult and require smarts, higher level allies and time. Your gonna want to use the Best Class fro the job.

Win Rate – To get a 100% Win Rate can be very tricky when reaching high numbers. Knowing who to fight is the key to being successful. You can only build up you extra point bonus to +20, but it will really pay of when keeping it for the long run.

The easiest targets are people who have lower level characters than you and all their allies have blue or purple backgrounds with no Enhance. Anyone with a red or yellow profile pic background is a potential threat. Having many or all allies fully enhanced may mean they are starting with a new class and you may be defeated by an over leveled group. It’s also goofd to know what all the Classes & Characters do.

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