May 212015

Dragon Blaze Best ClassThe Dragon Blaze Best Class can vary by play style, but for me having a good Priest/Healer will win the day. The hardest opponents I have went up against in the Arena where parties with 2 healers and they where 3 or more levels below me. I could have changes to higher DPS, but the resistance was very noticeable.

There are some really good healing allies that have all enemy attacks and other big things. For this reason the Priest can easily be outdone in certain situations with ally abilities. This can make the Mage more beneficial for the high DPS.

The other possible choice for the Dragon Blaze Best Class would be the Mage. Huge damage with AoE hitting all the enemies on the field. During Raids you’ll notice a lot of HP loss on the boss when they Mage uses her skills. Her skills focus on dealing fire damage and increasing the power of those in addition to them.

It’s good to have a big hitting group attack that always goes off. When the whole party has many targeting the wrong enemy all the time isn’t an issue as they are all getting hit most of the time. I have a heal with Flame of Judgement 235% Dmg all enemies 19.2 sec cd, a nice skill to have that wont be on a Priest main class.

Be sure to visit the Dragon Blaze Wiki when your done here for more related info. The database will be increased depending on popularity if the masses.

Dragon Blaze Best Class

Besides having the beset single main Character it’s also a must to build a good party. The main character is important for focusing on a certain class type where they will be stronger than summons found. Many Summons can have very useful unique attacks and buffs, click on the magnifying glass in the Allie area to see their skills. Your gonna need a healthy party set up though to complete the game and it’s side features.

In the end having a high level main character with high level gear will be your strongest party member.

Changing Classes

When you decide to make a new game and change classes you will keep you Gold, Gems, Boots, Tickets, Storage, Friends and Allies that you found with the last character. This can make a new playthrough massively easy when using an already built up party.

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