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Dragon Blaze BlueStacks FAQ Guide WorkingFor those looking to play Dragon Blaze with BlueStacks your in luck. Dragon Blaze works perfect without a hitch, though I have not made a purchase using real money. You shouldn’t need any kind of FAQ or Guide to get things working.

If you have any additional info for Dragon Blaze BlueStacks users please say so in the comments. This Dragon Blaze Wiki has a ton more and will grow over time based on popularity.

Dragon Blaze BlueStacks FAQ Guide Working

If this is your first time using BlueStacks the account you link with it will turn on auto updates for all apps. You’ll have to go into the Google Play store, then settings and turn of auto updates. If you don’t turn this off when it was before

Here’s more on the Best Class with a poll and other tidbits to help with some insight. This Strategy Guide & Walkthrough also has more that you might be looking for.

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  1. It isn’t working…. It starts to but then says “preparing app for use” and just goes back to the main screen of Bluestacks. It’s like it gives up.

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