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Dragon Blaze Classes Characters Guide TipsA short Dragon Blaze Classes and Characters Guide with Tips. When first starting out there are only 3 available spots and 5 different classes to choose from. More slots can be opened up for 99 rubies each, this may seem like a lot at first you will get many fast for free. Their name can be changed later for 100r.

When switching between your main character you will always keep you allies, gold, rubies, boots, tickets and storage items. So if you want to start a new with a different type you can have a very strong party to swiftly move your through the story.

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Dragon Blaze Classes Characters Guide

Warrior Tank

A must have for every party you would do good to always have 1 of these. The Warrior is the best tank and will have more HP than any other. He will always be at the front of the battle line taking the hits so they can get through to weaker units.

Archer DPS

Deals group damage and has lower HP like Mage and Healer. This one can be a toss up. I would only stick with ones that have good multi enemy attacks.

Priest Healer

Every party will need at least one healer to stay alive. Some fight will require up to 3 depending on options. In the late game it’s a lot about longevity. If you can stay alive than you will probably make it. Some battle are very long like the end battle where long term strong healing is a must.

Mage DPS

A huge damage dealer and capable of dealing the most damage to group out of all others. WHne is come to hurting the enemies no one does it better then this lass. There are many cuts scenes of this brittle gal flying on a broom killing everything in one hit, I think these may be hints from the developers.

Rogue DPS

The best for single target DPS. When it comes to one on one this guy is gonna be on top. Great for fighting bosses in raids. Can also be a great unit to switch when more DPS is needed.


Besides the poll below there is more in this Best Class post. More things can also be view in this Strategy Guide & Walkthrough.

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