May 202015

Dragon Blaze Friend Nickname Referrer CodeA Dragon Blaze Friend or Nickname Referrer Code can be used at the beginning of the game to get 50 Rubies for both parties when then enterer reaches level 20. The max limit someones promo code can be used is 5, after that the users name can no longer be used.

You can use my name below, though it will only be good for the first 5 people. Since both get a rewards including you it’s a good idea to enter someone. If you don’t know anyone try to enter some obvious character names. I entered “Time” and found someone without a reached limit.

When your done here check out our Dragon Blaze Wiki for more related info.

Friend Nickname Referrer Codes

Find you Account nickname by tapping the Gear in the upper right corner of the Inn screen. My name is below, but you can add yours to the comments at the bottom.


Optional Info

This game is extremely fun and original. Needing extra gems in the future will be a definite occurrence. I would recommend typing in easy things like Rain, Fire, and other thing people would probably enter. TO reach level 20 your looking at a pretty good chunk of playtime, maybe 5 hours or more. The 250 gems you can get are well worth it and can go along ways.

The auto play function is really good for getting something else done at the same time. Besides adding nickname referral codes in the beginning you should also try to add the max amount of 50 friends in game. You’ll need to select one at the start of each battle to get 2 free Friend Points that are used for getting C-SS grade gear in the Shop. You should always try to get the points and aim for getting better gear.

Feel free to leave you name or promo code in the comments below. If you are new here I would recommend starting at the bottom of the comments and working you way up the list. If their is a number in the comments that isn’t good any more please reply a message to it and we will remove it.

  170 Responses to “Dragon Blaze Friend Nickname Referrer Code”

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    (if that doesn’t work, try Adawgg)

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