May 262015

Dragon Blaze How To Change Title Help TricksIf you wondering How To Change your Title in Dragon Blaze you’ll need to do it on the character select screen on game start up. Just tap the crown symbol the right of your name, then select the title yo would like from the list. You can also get there any time by going to setting and tapping the Character Select button on the bottom. Titles will really help you out and there a re a few tricks to them.

This Dragon Blaze Wiki has a growing list of related info to help move faster through this app.

Dragon Blaze Title Help Tricks

The easiest title to get would be the ones from Labyrinth and Arena weekly rankings. These are pretty easy to get rank rewards without having to be too high of level. Not sure if things will get harder when there are more players, but right now things seem pretty achievable. The top spot on the other hand will be very demanding and reserved for the highest level players.

Many skills and attacks are directly related to ATK and so titles that have that buff would be best for higher damage output or healing. Things like raising critical would go good with it as well. In the beginning your gonna be stuck with what you can get, but later when things get going your gonna want to focus.

Now that you know How To Change the Title in Dragon Blaze with the Help and Tricks above it may be time to move on. This Strategy Guide & Walkthrough can shed some light on things you might be missing out on.

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