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Dragon Blaze Labyrinth Guide Walkthrough TipsA Dragon Blaze Labyrinth Guide with Tips and potential Walkthrough. The Labyrinth costs 2 friend points to enter and players may receive large amounts of gold by participating in the weekly rankings. The best way to do good and get far in is to have a strong party. I’ve notice big healing parties get killed easier compared to a heavy all attack party, this is probably just specific to an area as your gonna have to deal with probably every enemy here.

This Dragon Blaze Labyrinth Guide Walkthrough and Tips can be updated regularly with new stuff. For even more stuff visit the Dragon Blaze Wiki. Check back in the future and don’t forget to check the comment below.

Dragon Blaze Labyrinth Guide Walkthrough Tips


To get higher in the rankings your gonna need a high level party. The person who can get the furthest has the best party and helpers for the job mixed in with a little skill of course. But overall your gonna need the best to be the best. With a level 29 party I was able to place 3,335 (8.045%) which is 50 free rubies and the title Labyrinth Adventurer STA 15 DEF 42. If you plan on playing long term it’s best to take full advantage of this with multiple daily entries. The max level is 50 with more on the Best Class here.


Being able to get a title for a weekly ranking reward is a pretty easy thing to do. You will also find good amount of gold here once many enemies can be defeated.


You can have up to 4 helpers that can be called to aid you in battle 1 at a time. These are great for balancing out the party for certain point in the Lab whether it be more healing or DPS.

This growing Strategy Guide & Walkthrough may have what ou need to succeed.

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