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Dragon Blaze Review Tips Android iOS AppA Dragon Blaze Review with Tips. Dragon Blaze is an Role Playing game developed by GAMEVIL and is available for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes. It’s free to play with a payed option. In game currency comes at fast enough pace where normal free players will enjoy all the paid benefits.

This Dragon Blaze Review and it’s Tips for the Android and iOS App are part of something much larger. View the Dragon Blaze Wiki for more things to help you out.

Dragon Blaze Review for Android iOS App

This is currently one of the most popular Role Playing games on mobile. It has lots of new content with nicer touches on old mechanics. Payed currency or rubies is easy to get and you’ll be rewarded with them for doing all kinds of things.

You get to choose from a Priest, Mage, Archer, Warrior and Rogue. Then you’ll ad 4 more characters found in game to complete your party of 5. You can bring 6 into the Arena where you’ll face other players, but not in real time. 9 can be brought into the Labyrinth, though 4 can only be used one at a time for backup.

Gameplay length is long with 3 difficulties Normal, Hero and Legend. When playing through the first time on Normal there is a long dramatic story that you can follow, I just skipped the whole thing and am purely about gameplay. When beating the game you will unlock Hero mode where you go through the same levels only there harder. This is when you can continue to gain allies through random drops, rewards and purchases.

When starting out the game you may need a referral code for free stuff. There is a growing list of Referral Codes here you can use. Feel free to leave yours in the comments also.


Allies – The major part of Dragon Blaze is getting your hands on powerful allies that are used in battles. They range from grade C (1 star) to SSS (6 star), so C, B, A, S, SS then SSS. Total their are 185 different allies to collect. We have more info here on the Best Class.

Bulk Sell – You will come across lots of equipment drops. Use the Bulk Sell feature to sell everything in your inventory with the same or less quality. This will speed up the selling time. I figured this out way into the game and wasted lots of time, don’t do what I did.

Harder Difficulty Rewards – On Normal you will find C, B and A (rarely) allies. On Hero they will be B, A, S (rarely). Legend they will be A, S, SS (rarely). So on the harder difficulties it will be easier to upgraded and combine allies for higher ranks. For more check out this Strategy Guide & Walkthrough.

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