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Dragon Blaze Strategy Guide WalkthroughA Dragon Blaze Strategy Guide and Walkthrough with brief info on somethings and more depth on others. Check out our Dragon Blaze Wiki for even more related info including tips and tricks.

This Dragon Blaze Strategy Guide and short Walkthrough will be added to in the near future so check back soon. Please leave any insight or question you may have in the comments below.

Dragon Blaze Strategy Guide & Walkthrough


Each Arena match will cost 2 tickets and you’ll have the chance to win 3 friends point or 1 fp on a loss. With each victory the player will earn rank points that raise your standing in the weekly rankings. The more time you win consecutively a bonus will build up adding to the rank points earned at thee end, a loss will reset this bonus to zero.

The major downfall of the Arena is that you can’t view what level the other players are in the group. This can be an automatic loss when you run into someone with a low level main character and summons from another class. You could search for them and look at their stats, but that would be a lot of work.

Best Class

The 2 Best Classes seem to be the Priest and Mage. You gonna have to have a Priest or 2 in the party for just about every battle and side mission. Not all priest are the same and the best one will heal the whole party every few seconds, others only heal single targets though they can have attack all skills to (not main, only summons).

The mage is the big hitter when it comes groups. Most skill are geared towards fire or raising the strength of fire. When it comes to DPS on groups this class out does all others. You also see they chick flying in cut scenes acting clueless, but destroying everything in 1 hit with magic, I think this might be a clue.

I personally like to use a Mage for main, then have 2 good healers with attack all skills. This seems to be working very well as I have been walking through almost every mission,


Doing Raids will cost 2 tickets each and are the best places to find equipment and sets. At the end of a successful raid you can choose between 1 of 4 chests for a chance to get up to SS grade gear. Spending lots of tickets here is a great way to buff up for the story missions.

Finding set items here can make the game much easier with the big stats they offer. As soon as a new raid becomes available to waste time with the older ones as they items become obsolete.

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