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Dragon Blaze Wiki Guide FAQ Tip Trick CheatA Dragon Blaze Wiki with Guides and FAQ’s that can be updated regularly with new Tips, Tricks and possible Cheats. Dragon Blaze is an Role Playing game developed by GAMEVIL and is available for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This Dragon Blaze Wiki along with it’s Guides, FAQ’s, Tips, Tricks and Cheats will grow in size depending on popularity. Please leave any questions or insight in the comments below.

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Best Class – At the start of a new game you get to choose 1 main character who can be a Warrior, Archer, Mage, Priest and Rouge. Each one will be the equivalent of the max rating you can get for a summon. SO which ever class type you value in the game you should choose it for your main class as it will be the easiest to make strong. There are 3 slots open for free for 3 out of 5 possible save game. With purchase of the last 2 slots you could have a game for each class and test them your self.

Combine – When combining there is a chance that the higher star grade creation will be something completely different. If you had a good Priest you might end up with a Mage with poor skills. The process of combining can be risky. The bad rolls can be used to upgrade the good one though and serve an important purpose. Player must be Enhanced with other to max and have max rapport from Adventure missions.

Friends – Its a really good idea to add the max amount of 50 friends early. This will let you gain friend points at the start of every battle that can be used to purchase C-SS grade gear and summons at the Shop. This will be the best and fastest way to gain better stuff early without paying real cash.

Inbox – Be sure to check you inbox often for new rewards that show up randomly.Yo will also get things every few level increases. With the amount of gifts they give you in the beginning you can keep playing for a while. Try to use Boot refills wisely.

Loosing – Sometimes you will loos miserably and think that this is definitely a stopping point. Some levels can vary though with the next run ending in a complete success. This probably has to due with the random targeting system wasting lost of hits on dead or spread out enemies or killing them efficiently. Best to give something a few try’s before going else where to level and get stronger gear. A positive thing about dying is that you still get your exp, gold and loot.

Raids – When you feel you have hit a wall and can’t go any further play Raids for better gear. You can get some really good items in Raids. These tickets will regenerate just like Boots. Us e the gear found there to fill your weakest equipment.

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