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Dragon Hills Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks CheatsA Dragon Hills Wiki, Guide and FAQ sprinkled in with some Tips, Tricks and potential Cheats. Dragon Hills is an Action game developed by Rebel Twins and is available free for Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes for a small fee.

This Dragon Hills Wiki, Guides and FAQ’s can be updated daily with new Tips, Tricks and Cheats depending on popularity. Check back in the near future for more info and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

Dragon Hills Wiki

Guide FAQ Tips Tricks Cheats

Armored – Investing in the Armored perk will increase you heart count. This is essential for recovering from mistakes and making it as far as possible.

Comet Shower – The Comet Shower will take out all the enemies on the screen for some easy coin gain. Works best when in tight situations or your under ground and can’t reach the baddies.

Freeze Blast – The Freeze Blast will shoot a cold wave forward freezing enemies in their place and also freezing lava lakes. There are many situations where lava is a big problem, but should be to bad with this skill.

Giant Black Dragon – At level 5 you can start to use the Giant Black Dragon skill which will make you invincible and immune to damage for a short time. This should be saved for when you in hard situation that are not so easy to pass. Great for bosses!

Lord of the Skies – When purchasing Lord of the Skies at level 15 you’ll be able to fly through the air for long with a hover effect. This will make going further much easier, though you can miss out on all the goodies that are on the ground.

Perfect Jump – When you collect all the coin in a row you’ll get a message saying you did a Perfect Jump. When this happens you’ll get an extra bonus of coins. This can be hard to do most of the time though as just about every group of coins is a different patter and height.

Revive – At the end of every run you’ll have the chance to Revive where your at and continue for 500 gold. This price is pretty steep in the beginning and is better spent on skill upgrades. Later on though there might by some situations where you almost get something done in which case this can be very useful.

Sword – The Sword will increase the amount of damage you do per hit. This will come n handy for enemies that take multiple hits to defeat like bosses.

Sky Island Trick – When there is large pieces of land above your head you can slightly tap the screen to go down just a little bit. You should then leap very far into the air which will be more than enough to reach the sky island. On them you can find lots of coins along with safe travel. This doesn’t always seem to work so maybe it has to be done in specific spots. Just try to avoid any hazards like lava and spikes.


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