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Dragon Storm Tips Tricks Strategy GuideSome Dragon Storm Tips, Tricks and mixed in as one like a Strategy Guide. Dragon Storm is available for Android on Google Play and iOS at iTunes. These Tips and Tricks can be updated again so check back in the near future for more info. If there is anything that you would like to share feel free to leave a comment below. Visit our Dragon Storm Wiki for related content.

Characters – There are 6 different playable characters in Dragon Storm. Two of them you get for free right away, 2 cost gems, and 2 are unlock by beating the game and getting 3 star on all normal missions.

  • Warrior Skeleton – Given to you for free when first unlocking Explore. Best for exploring.
  • Paul, The Weak Warrior – No extra buffs. Apparently caused all the issues in the game because he was curious about the sword and removed it.
  • Teresa, The Sword Master – Costs 60 Gems and double the amount of gold earned in battle.
  • Bombery, The Dwarf – Cost 45 Gems and cuts expedition times in half. The guy is made for the best Expedition or any one for that matter.
  • Elizabeth, The Fighter – Can carry MAX 4 DIVINE Shields. Clear all stages to unlock for free.
  • Flashare, The Dragon – Fights fire with fire in that where fighting dragons and are now a dragon. Has more attack power and defense for a dominating force that can’t be beating in Dragon Storm. Must get 3 stars on all Normal stages to unlock for free.

Difficulty – The difference between wining and loosing can be simply taking to much damage. This is usually due more to missing the correct kill patterns and have to low quality of gear.

For the most part every level can be completed by using a few potions and a character special move like Holy Burst. The items are so effective for there price point which makes them well worth the buy.

Explore – Explore is a way to earn free gold while not playing. You’ll have to send in both a character and a wing for the required amount of time. The first one called Nameless Land is open for free and will take 2 hours to complete.

River Valley is the second Explore available, but will cost 10,000 gold to open up. River Valley will take 4 hours to complete and the gold rewards along with experience earned will be more than 2 times as the Nameless Land.

Switching your characters so the strongest one is freed up for Exploring will get more reward gold. Using multiple characters and wing on more than one Explore sat the same time will dramatically increase profits.

Gold & Cards – When dying in stages you’ll still get the gold coins and cards that you found.

Items – Items are 1 or 4 equipment types that can be put on for extra passive buffs.  You can equip Weapons, Armor, Rings and Necklaces. There are 3 ways to get Items. The first and most unreliable would be boss chest rewards.

The second is to break open flying chest in the Tower. On random floors of the Tower a flying chest will start to float slowly across the screen. The chests hp points are few, but it will feel like many with a 1 HP per hit damage cap. Try to focus on it and hit it rapidly, know that as long as it’s in your hit radius rapid tap smash that direction for max DPS. If you can’t take it out the flying chest will appear on the next floor. The damage you did will still be done. Use Sword Burst and other special moves as two can do great damage if positioned right above player.

Spending gold for special moves to make things much easier will be better than the 3rd and final option which is to pay with 20 Gems in the Item Box.

Monster Cards – Monster Cards are found randomly while plying stages. There are 100 to collect and each one offers a passive buff that can stack by finding multiple cards. When you die during a mission you’ll still get to keep any cards you found making collecting them hassle free. You wont be able to find certain cards until your around the area where the monster are actually located, then they’ll start popping up during stages.

Potion Glitch – There is a glitch where the price of potions seem more when first entering the purchase area after completing a mission. By selecting something else, then re selecting the potion the price will drop way down.

Special Moves – Special moves can deal lots of damage to many foes, but can take a small amount of time to recharge. When using this move your character will become invincible for a short time to incoming attacks. This can be used to avoid bosses big hit especially on big tank like creatures the hit after a certain time period.

Story -Moving forward in the Story will unlock better cards and open up addition game features like the Tower and Exploring.

Sword Burst – Using the Sword  Burst temporary move that costs 500 gold can have a huge advantage during boss battles. These things deal some serious DPS and can be much cheaper to use than upgrading gear. Use them wisely and the game will have less hurdles.

Later in the game 500 gold is nothing so dropping some extra to get these can be a big help for tough situations. On the last stage these things are gonna be a must as the HP on bosses goes way up.

Tower – Depending on how far you can get the Tower will produce more gold than regular missions. There are a few hurdles along the way to hold you back like lots of defensive fight with ton of dodging.

Untouched – Every stage has the same 2 achievements which are to get 3 stars and Untouched fro not taking damage ever. To get the Untouched more easily you should use many buff

Wings – Wings are like pets that can be taken into stages and do damage to enemies. There are 26 different types each with there own attack style. Some Wings are better than for certain situations. Some bosses can be taken out more easy when stay in certain positions letting them take high DPS by Wing attacks.

Wings can only be found by purchasing them for gold or gems. Some have very unique talents that will help out tons like Orakee and Liv who randomly drops items like gold and temporary buff. They make things much easier when it come to loads more random buffs dropping on the battle field.

It’s best to drop a few thousand gold on buying a couple of these thing as you’ll need more for expeditions and you might get lucky.

Wing Mixing – Once Wings get to level 10 they can be mixed with others of the same level to increase their to 11. Once at level 11 you’ll need another 11 to get to level 12. This is great for making your pets even stronger

Wing Types – Though there are 26 different looks to find all of them have multiple that are the same type. So 3 can have the same effect for a chance to have multiples equipped.

  • Bombing – Drops bombs randomly the do are damage to surrounding enemies in range.
  • Create – Will drop items on the battle field like gold and temporary buff like more attack, defense and score bonus. These can often make stages become much easier due to lots of buff drops. 2 of these should be used as soon as possible to maximize both gold output but survivability as well.
  • Homing – Has same shooting animation as Shooter and follows enemies for continuous stream of damage.
  • Shooter – Moves back and forth one side shooting straight down. Basically a light shower of damage to one side.

Winning and Loosing – Some time a very difficult stage can be made much easier by dodging more damage than normal and getting useful power ups like berserk. Making sure to hit the enemies as consistently and avoiding incoming damage will get you the best results.

Many of the stages have a timing element to them where enemies always to the same thing. Getting down these pattern can make completing stages much easier.

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  1. I found some items that has “no particular effect”. What’s the use for that?

  2. Thanks for the guide, really helped me a lot.
    Speaking about Wings… will synthing with level 10 Wing yield better skill compared to synthing level 1 Wing?

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