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Dude Perfect 2 Wiki Guide FAQ Tip Trick Cheat HelpA Dude Perfect 2 Wiki, Guide, FAQ, Tips and Tricks, Cheats, Help and more. Dude Perfect 2 is a Action Strategy game developed by Miniclip.com and is available for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

Please leave feedback and questions in the comments bellow. This Dude Perfect 2 Wiki and it’s Guides, FAQ’s, Tips and Tricks, Cheats Help and other stuff can be updated regularly depending on popularity. Check back in the future for new things.

Dude Perfect 2 Wiki

Guide FAQ Tip Trick Cheat Help

Daily Reward – Logging in consecutive days ina row will earn you better rewards as you log in. This is the best place to get free power ups that will make stage much easier. The only way to get this is by logging in every day, not buy option.

Lucky Panda – The lucky Panda is a mini game that cost 350 gold to play. You will get the chance to pick 5 of 12 or so cards. If you pick the one with stop you loose everything. It’s a gamble but the odds seem to be in your favor if you always pick the same locations.

Power Ups – The 3 Power Ups will make stages much easier. Guideline will place a dotted line on the screen where the ball will go, though helpful it still puts the work in your hands. Magnet will make a field around hoop the will grab balls and drop them in, better than Guideline but you’ll still have to aim some. The Air Strike will get 3 stars on any stage when used right away and is the most coveted. When purchasing in the Shop avoid the Super Pack for 250c which is 3 of each, you can get 9 Air Strikes for 225c. Not sure is the developers realize how unbalance that is by spending more and getting less. Use gold to buy Magnets and Guidelines.

Retry – It will cost 1 Energy to enter a level. You can also retry it 4 times either before its over or after failing/completing. So 1 energy is actually 4 try’s on a stage. The best way to get 3 stars on something is to replay it just after initial completion. This way everything is fresh in your head. You get 4 free more attempts and it’s the absolute best way to get 3 stars on everything.

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  1. and the lucky panda ticket?

    • Wondering the same thing. I won the Golden Lucky Panda ticket but its not in my inventory anywhere to be able to use etc so I’m clueless what good it was to win.

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