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Dungeon Hunter 4 Best ClassThe Dungeon Hunter 4 Best Class can vary with play style while there are some that might stand out more than others. At first you should try to play all of them and see if one sticks out more than the others as your Best Class. I usually stick with the class that has the beset defense and survivability for a first play through. Others might want to take a more challenging approach early on.

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You can have multiple characters active at the same time though there stats and inventory will be different. Also when completing normal mode with a class you’ll unlock Hardcore mode for only that one and not the others.

The first 2 characters can be played for free. The 3rd one will cost 10 Gems and the 4th will cost 100 Gems. Check out the poll below for a better idea of who the best is based on votes from many people around the globe. It should help you make a better decision without being pushed into spending paid currency to try out all the classes.

I personally have not play Dungeon Hunter 4 that much. When I was going to fire it up Dungeon Hunter 5  came out the next day so it seemed like I should dive into that one instead. If this post gets a decent amount of views I’ll pick it back up so I can give more accurate information to the masses.


The Battleworn is a broadsword wielder along with wearing thick armor. Has more defense than all the others and seems like a good beginners choice.


The Blademaster is a duel wielder that launches quick attacks. Skills are focused on evasion with lost of single target destruction.


A ranged class that has magic skills and likes to attack from afar.


The Sentinel is a ranged class that like to attack from afar. Is more squishy than others, but makes up for it with ranged attacks and evasion skills. Many feel this is the best class due to it’s ranged attacks letting it stay out of harms way.

Best Class Poll

  8 Responses to “Dungeon Hunter 4 Best Class”

  1. Why is battleworn so unpopular? Melee tanks are great for starting players.

  2. I use battleworn but cannot pass ustrak the devourer

  3. Hi im starting as a sentinel had anyone some Great skill and charm tactics early and lategame??

    • Well, though you’ve probably gotten experience by now, for new Sentinels, I like to take Critital Strike Chance, Crit Damage, flat Damage, and Life Leech. The reason for this? Kiting. Kite around your melee attacks while picking off the ranged with your soul sucking crits. Around Lvls 20-25, you should be chunking them by now, so I take the Posion and Energy sucking passive by now. This is just a mid game guide, will last you up at at LEAST lvl 5-11. I’m not certain about the others, but it’s worked amazingly for me thus far.

  4. Blademaster should be the best class.

  5. blademaster is bad ass:)

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