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Dungeon Hunter 5 ArmorDungeon Hunter 5 Armor is used to block various damage from enemies and other players. By equipping a specific element you will be more resistant to the same type of damage. There are 3 different sets of Armor for 5 different element types. Each set has 3 versions and each piece can have 5 different bonus skill stat for a total of 225 different pieces of Armor that can be collected in game.

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Upgrading Armor

There are 3 ways to increase the strength of gear. The first and cheapest way is to find them as loot dropped in missions. The other 2 require spending currency and materials to improve armor you already own.

Fusion – Increases the level of an item from 1 to 100 max. Fusion directly raises the amount of damage the weapon can do. 4 other items can be added at once to strengthen the defense of one item. Using 2 or more items that have the same element as the piece being upgraded will light up the bonus box with red.

This means the the final produce will have higher stat increases. This is a must for producing the absolute best piece of equipment. The level will be reduced to 1 again if you use Evolution to increase it’s star count.

Evolution – More expensive than Fusion, Evolution is the process of using various materials to increase it’s star count. Doing this will reset the level to 1 again, but raise the defense limit letting Fusion stronger.

Best Armor

Only 2 of the 3 can be upgraded to 5 stars and they both start with 3 stars. Only one set has the highest stat output and should be the ones invested in for max benefits. The stuff that starts with 1 star is cheap gear an shouldn’t be invested in too much. Save you money for the big boys when you know you got the best.

How To Get – Pay 50 Gems to open chest in Town, Find for free as item drops from high level missions.

Water – ***Vapor ****Searing *****Streamnaught

Fire – ***Lightfire ****Blazestrike *****Sun Forge

Nature – ***Stonesoul ****Rockspirit *****Iron Oak

Darkness – ***Smolder ****Coalheart *****Calerock

Light – ***Brightsear ****Frostblade *****Blindwall

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  1. Red blocks on armor in inventory means what. How and when to move into bigger room, will it matter which I use? Simple I am sure but info needed thank you.

  2. I just recently got this insane piece of armour but I can’t equip it due to the “gear cost” what is that?

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