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Dungeon Hunter 5 Best ClassDungeon Hunter 5 Best Class can vary be play style. Beginners might wan to pick the class with the the most survivability. While more experienced players or those looking for a challenge might take the squishier ones. View our Walkthrough for solutions to hurdles that you may come across during gameplay.

What you have for gear will make a big difference as high quality stuff makes the app easier. So a weak build might be due to poor or none upgraded gear.

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Dungeon Hunter 5 Best Class

In Dungeon Hunter 5 there is no best class as their is only one who can use everything. Classes could be defined by weapon and skill sets. In the beginning your gonna want to keep the biggest stick you can find. Don’t expect to find awesome things in low level areas. Sure things can be upgraded and made stronger, but finding the already better gear at later levels will save a ton in investment costs.

What will make your class the best is to have high level gear with good stat bonuses. To pump out the highest DPS you should focus on upgrading skills, then weapons second. The developers have put skills as the big damage dealers in Dungeon Hunter 5. Weapons power is a close second and should be focused on next.


Melee fighters will have better defense and HP than ranged fighters like mages or archers. That makes melee characters more suited for best solo class and for beginners. This is because their gear more towards taking due to their attacks which are meant to be close to opponents.

With melee your going to when to have a constant flow of attacks to always keep the enemy on their toes. This will make them less likely to even throw a blow. Other than that some enemies will have dodge or block moves that wont be so easily interrupted.

Almost a must for protecting ranged fight in online play. When building a team it can be good to have tanks mixed with long range fighters.

This class type usually has more DPS for main attacks.


Archers and Magic users have the ability to stay out of harms way while attacking. This also makes them vulnerable to damage more than melee. A common balance between characters types in role playing games.

Like other games there offense can be more powerful, but also costing more MP. Not having large sweeping blows from close ranged weapons can be a downfall. They are basically a free short range AoE damage dealer which you’ll pay for in HP loss. Long ranged attack seem to focus more on single targets with small splash damage.

To make up for taking more HP loss your gonna have to avoid enemies more. This means getting down moves that will need to be avoided and knowing your enemy better. On the other hand they are great for online PvP where they can stand back and destroy things while your tank friends take the hits.

This class type has the less damage with normal weapons.

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  1. I’d say the best class just depends on how you upgrade your weapons.

  2. Pls tell how to change player class

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