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Dungeon Hunter 5 Best Weapon Class TypeThe Dungeon Hunter 5 Best Weapon class and type can vary slightly with gameplay, though there seems to be a sure winner out of the group. Dual Blades seem to be the most popular based on the poll below. Probably because there great effectiveness against single targets like bosses. When your done here check out our Dungeon Hunter 5 Wiki for lots more related info.

In the beginning it can be hard to get what you want. Often you’ll find a high level weapon like a Greatsword this isn’t the best, but the best you have at the moment. One thing to keep in mind is if you want he strongest weapon possible your gonna have to fuse it with 4 more of the same type. This will trigger a chance for Super Fusion which will add more damage and is the only way to max something out fully.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Best Weapon

1. Dual Blades are fast strikers with good range on combo hits. Where these bad boys really take off is with single targets that don’t last that long. The DPS on Dual Blades is more than any other which make it the strongest thing for taking down big targets.

2. Glaives have a huge striking radius and are the number 1 choice for large groups. The combo hit does damage to everything close by whether it’s in front of you or behind. These are a great backup for those high enemy count moments.

3. Crossbows are a long range weapons that can hit opponents off screen. They are very helpful when equipped with health regen per hit. This will allow the player to stay back and fill HP for free. They are also nice to have for picking off slow moving targets.

4. Staves are another long range attack device that will shoot out multiple orbs on the 3rd strike hitting multiple targets, or 1 if close up which kind of defeats the purpose. I personally find the Crossbow a much more effective alternative for long range.

5. Greatswords are heavy hitters, but don’t have the greatest hitting radius. Because they are slow they don’t have the most impressive DPS. Combine this with having a hard time hitting enemies around you and you official have the worst thing to fight with.

6. Skills are last on the list probably because they are so hard to get a hold of, then combining them for bigger power is even more tiring. Since up to 3 can be equipped while have 2 weapons also make them a must have. Try to get thing that stun and regenerate health for the most benefit.

Here are some Tips and Tricks that can help shed some light on things. You never know what you might be missing out on.

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