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Dungeon Hunter 5 CharacterIn Dungeon Hunter 5 there aren’t different classes to choose from. You get one character male or female that can use everything. The class options come from the various weapons and skills that can be equipped. For more goodies visit our Tips and Tricks section.

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Dungeon Hunter 5 Character

As you move through the game more equipment and skills will become available. You can also purchase the best gear right away via the chest in Town though the results will be random. All mission will show the potential items that could be dropped along with lots that aren’t mentioned. Missions are the best place to acquire and farm for gear.

Weapons and Armor

There are 3 different rarity of Weapons and Armor. The low quality stuff will start at 1 star and can only be taken up to 3. The higher end gear starts at 3 stars and can be increased up to the max of 5 stars. The higher end qualities are separated by strong and very string items and each type like Duel Crossbow will have a best version.


Skills are different than equipment in that you can increase all of the from 1 to 5 stars. It can be best to invest in ones that start with a 2 or more stars to save on resources. This will let you focus of the rare ones you find early. Skills are gotten slowly as you progress through the game. The strongest ones will be gotten on later missions and harder difficulties.


Minions are essential for gaining passive income and protecting your Stronghold. There rank increases just like skills and each one can be taken to the max.Again though you should try to focus on the more rare versions and ones that start with higher star counts. Not to far into the game you’ll be able to get 2nd tier minions easy.

A good tip is to put all your strongest at the front of your hold to overwhelm intruders. By having strong pets when your character is a low level many people can be defeated upon entry which will earn trophy points instead of loosing them. Surprise!

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