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Dungeon Hunter 5 CheatsDungeon Hunter 5 Cheats and Tips for the Role Playing game developed by Gameloft. This list of Dungeon Hunter 5 Cheats will be updated with new content as time goes on. Be sure to check back in the near future for more cheats and tips. Feel free to leave any advice that could help others or questions in the comments below. Visit our Walkthrough for help over those tough obstacles and extras.

I have to say that many mobile games out there tend to stay away from the cheats. That’s because they make their money while people are playing. So the less help you get the more money they’ll make. Console games however usually have cheats because you already payed for the game.

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Dungeon Hunter 5 Cheats



DPS – Skills can increase your damage output more than equipment items at higher levels. This is mentioned in the game. A good weapon will be key to taking down your opponents. Each one serves a different purpose and should be used as tools in those situations.

Farming – Farming is the process of repeatedly playing specific areas because it produces much of something. The most important things would be in-game currency and equipment. Since this is a mobile game that is free to play we can expect to find situation that require more grind then others. This is because the developers have gear the game this way hoping people will pay to move past them.

When you happen upon these areas it might be best to move back a few stages to start the grinding process. You looking for places where you want need to use potions from taking too much damage. It’s better to grind in areas where you can quickly defeat foes when trying to gain experience.

For equipment your gonna want to stick to the most difficult places that can be passed. This will get you more usful equipment to overcome the barriers ahead.

Elemental Damage – Attacking enemies with an element that their weak against will be a big advantage through the game. At later difficulty levels it will almost be must for certain bosses.

Multiplayer – Joining others online is a great way to defeat stronger enemies and get more useful rewards and drops. No to mention that’s it s can be a heck of a lot funnier play with other people than playing with yourself. Though everyone like to go to the mountain a time or two.

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