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Dungeon Hunter 5 ChestsDungeon Hunter 5 Chests can be accessed by tapping the top left button while in Town. Chests are a great way to find some of the best items in the game. There are 3 different types and each have different quality and selections of items.

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Gear Chest

This is the first thing you see when entering the menu. It will cost 50 gems to open each one, but you’ll have the chance at getting some of the best weapons and armor in the game. Doing this early will give you a huge advantage making most missions much easier and daily events a cinch.

Since the best Weapons and Armor in the game start out with 3 stars and max at 5 you probably wont be wasting you gems here, at least for the first couple times. Items gotten here probably wont be replaced very soon and can for surely be invested in with Fusion and Evolution.

In case you didn’t know, any weapons and armor that start at 1 star can only be upgraded to 3 stars. They will never reach 5 stars and will eventually become obsolete. That make these even more valuable especially early on.

Bounty Chest

Tapping the right arrow once will take you to the Bounty area. these can be opened with Bounty Tickets that are acquired by choosing helper while doing missions. You can also get them passively when not play when other players choose you as their partner. The high level you are the more tickets you’ll get in one sitting along with playing more difficult missions. Each one will cost 10 tickets to open.

Item quality will be at 2 stars max making the gear low quality and better suited for fusion. It can be a great place to find certain skills though which can be a big help early on.

Minion Chest

Hitting the right arrow one last time will bring you to the Minion area. These will also cost 50 Gems each. Though its important to have strong Minions in your Stronghold having too strong of ones early can be a bad thing. There is a limit how strong of minions can be placed which is represented by a number. Since these will all start with 3 stars they will take you to the limit really fast. To raise the max you’ll have to increase the level of you player account.

Every minion can be upgraded from 1-5 stars so these might not be as important as gear. On the other hand they will offer a good head start where you wont have to mess around with Evolution too much. They will also do a great job of protecting your Stronghold. If a few of these are purchased early players will be killed by them while trying to loot you earning trophy points instead of loosing them. If you have many low level one these will generously increase the production rate of gold and quartz per hour.

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  3 Responses to “Dungeon Hunter 5 Chests”

  1. I have opened around about 30 chests till now and I have never received an armor piece! Whats with that deal !!!? Very surprising !!

    • Same problem expect with weapons for me, its annoying because I can’t progress further in the game until I get one because I do hardly any damage with a tier 3 weapon :(

  2. I know what you mean. I’ve played a lot and am still missing things I need. I wonder if you get better chances if you pay money. If you don’t it would really suck to pay money and get nothing much.

    One nice thing though is that the weapons and armor you get has super fusion points that can be transferred to something similar that you want to keep. It isn’t much but its something.

    You have to try to match the element type of your stuff so they combine attack and armor points. And get the skills to go with it. when you evolve them the help attack and armor even more.

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