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Dungeon Hunter 5 ClassesDungeon Hunter 5 Classes are a lot different than past titles. You play with one character male or female and can equip everything in the game. There is no class specific gear cause everything is for everybody.

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Dungeon Hunter 5 Classes

You could consider the 6 different types of weapons classes though. Broadsword, Dual Blades, Glaive, Dual Crossbows and Staves are the types to choose from. This growing Walkthrough has more information including expected gear levels for every difficulty.

Best Classes

The Best Class will be how strong your main weapons is and possible skill damage. It can take a long time to get the specific weapon you want. Never improve unless it’s absolutely necessary so you don’t waste resources. You could find something better right after improving gear that didn’t need it.

The best way to get powerful gear early is to pay 50 Gems for Chests in Town. They guarantee a 3 star item and can give the player a powerful leap forward in strength. Keep in mind that Gems are also used for things like increasing Inventory space which cost 10 Gems per 5 limit increase. Eventually its going to be a good idea to expand the inventory a little as there is a ton of stuff to hold on to.

Having the strongest weapon for your needs in one of the 6 weapon types will make you the best for that class type. Having the highest Evolution and Fusion will also be a must.

Weapon Types

Greatswords – Powerful up close damage hitting multiple enemies. After a few swings back and forth you’ll do a fly leap style smash like God of War. Knocks opponents into the air and flat on there back, they’ll be flying everywhere.

Dual Blades – Quick hitting blades of death meant to to the most harm to single targets.

Glaives – Long sweeping blows with large close range damage radius. Cleans out big groups better than other melee alternatives.

Dual Crossbows – A great long range damage dealer for single targets. If there’s s big enemies like bosses that do too much damage to you up close use the Crossbows. They have super accurate auto targeting never letting the bad guys hide. Range is too good if you ask me making this thing over powered. Puts a completely different play style into the mix.

Staves – Another long range type that seems less deadly than bows. Has more of a spread combo peak that’s hits multiple targets far out, but would hit a single target only if close up.


Armor will be the easiest to produce Super Fusion as they are all in the same group. For this reason it can be a good investment to try this earl as SF is directly passed on to same type counter part. Weapons will take more time because there is 6 groups instead of one armor. Maxing SF is a must if you want the toughest gear possible.

Here’s some Tips and Tricks if your interested. Might help shed some light on things.

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