Apr 202015

Dungeon Hunter 5 Energy BarThe Dungeon Hunter 5 Energy Bar gives you an idea of how much energy is left to play with. There is also a number above the energy bar to let the player know exactly whats left. When you raise your main Character level the max amount that can be held at once will increase. There are a number of ways to fill it back up with the most popular probably being waiting.

As time goes on it will fill up 1 free energy every 10 minute which can seem a little on the long side. Thankfully the stages can be on the long side which will help you play longer while things recharge while playing. When your done here visit our Dungeon Hunter 5 Wiki for a ton more related info.

As you progress further in the app stage will cost more energy to play. The price will also dramatically increase when planing on higher difficulty levels. The when playing special Events the cost to play can be a massive amount that early low level players will not be able to afford. When Farming for items and experience try to picks stages where you’ll get more for the cost to play. Many stages cost the same to enter, but of bigger rewards than others of the same price.

Most apps that are free to play and that have the amount of work put into them as this game will have limitations on things. This is a way for the developer to make money as people will more than likely hunger to play in many situations and end up spending some real money.

You can use gems to refill the energy bar though this would be the most expensive way to do so. It’s best to save gems for increasing your inventory space as your gonna need lots of room of your planning on upgrading a bunch of stuff.

For more helpful stuff check out some Tips and Tricks. You never know what you might be missing out on and there’s sure to be something there that’s new.

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