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Dungeon Hunter 5 EventsDungeon Hunter 5 Events are places where you can earn some of the best gear and materials for crafting. It’s also a way to get the player coming back day after day by offering only certain items on certain days. You can find these by tapping the Event button in Town.

There are a couple different events that the player can choose from. Some are specific to certain days and are for getting high level materials for Evolution. Others are for competing against others players in an attempt to climb the rank for big prizes and top gear. Both can also reward Fusion Boosters to help raise the quality of Weapons, Armor, Skills, and Minions.

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Daily Events

When Trying to evolve items you will often find that you probably don’t have the required materiel to complete the process. By clicking on it you can see where you might obtain the materiel. Many of them can be found both as drops during mission and in daily event. Others though will only be found in daily’s or so the game says.

There still might be a chance to find the item your looking for by completing missions that have the same element and are around the same difficulty.

Special Events

These Events are more like competitions between players where the ones who do the best will get the stronger rewards. Items gotten here are often much bigger including some of the best stuff in the game. They will usually be open for much longer than dailies lasting around a week, give or take a few days.

Players that do the best here will more than likely have good gear already letting them defeat strong opponents. Playing smart by avoiding damage and having patience can also be a strong ally.

You’ll get to choose from 2 more difficulties including Epic and Legendary that will truly test your Classes abilities. The harder the play the more Victory points you’ll get which raises you in the ranks for better prizes at the end. You’ll need to be at least level 16 to play Legendary as it takes 40 energy per play.

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  1. On my game the EVENTS are not working- I can’t press THE EVENT BUTTON in Town !!!!!

    • mon change your language in settings and then it should work, I had the same problem

      • thank you.. i’ve been down for almost a week cuz of it.. ive tried to contact support but waiting for them to reply back like waiting for pay check.. for ever..! i tried it and its work.. i had to reconnect to my facebook again..

  2. I did it but didn’t happen anything

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