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Dungeon Hunter 5 EvolutionDungeon Hunter 5 Evolution is the process of increase the amount of stars Weapon, Armor and Skills have. The max amount of stars any item can have is 5. This and Fusion are the only 2 ways to improve skills and equipment.

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Dungeon Hunter 5 Evolution

How To Use

Tap the Inventory button in Town to access the Evolution interface. First select the item that you would like to evolve. Now use different materials and gold to increase it’s star rating. Once done, the item will receive another star and the level will return to zero. Keep this in mind when using Fusion as all progress will be lost when Evolving, but the level has to be maxed out on an item before Evolve can happen.

5 is the max amount of start any item can have. There are only 40 different weapons between 5 type which are Broadsword, Glaives, Staves, Dual Crossbows and Sabers. Each one can also have different bonus stats like Critical Rate or Health/Kill. You can find most options very early though it will be low level.

It’s a good idea to invest in thing that have good bonus stats that work well for you. Try to get as far as you can in the story before going all out on improving something. 3-4 stared items are the best for investing in as there already close to max.

For the strongest Weapons, Armor, and Skill possible use only matching elements during fusing. When using all the same

You try and wait for something good to come along before going crazy. Looking through our Walkthrough might help you get over a hurdle with need for spending.


Materials can be found in Daily Dungeons and as potential drops in certain missions. You can see where the material can be found by tapping on it during the Evolve process. Acquiring them through Daily Dungeons is the best way to get them early. Other wise your can have to ways until the correct Mission.

However once you have the location opened up simply keep replaying the same mission until you get what you need.

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