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Dungeon Hunter 5 FusionDungeon Hunter 5 Fusion is the process of increasing the level of items using other items. Up to 4 items can be combined at once to upgrade a single item. The max level that can be reached is 100. When using Evolution you will rest the items level back to zero. Keep this in mind when strengthening gear. Visit our Dungeon Hunter 5 Wiki Guide. for more info.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Fusion

How To Use

By tapping the Inventory button in Town you can access the Fusion menu. Here you will need to select what you want to level first. Then choose up to 4 other things to increase it’s level. You can find out the results without having to actually go through with it. Just do everything like normal and view that stat bonuses without purchasing.

Using 2 or more of the same element type as the gear being raised will offer a bonus. This can be seen by a red lighting up the bonus box during creation. The cost for upgrade will increase when the level goes up. For this reason it’s better to use 4 of the best items each time. This will save on costs to fuse in the long run.

Fusion Boosters will offer considerably bonus XP when fusing over items like weapons and armor. They are the most highly sought after for fast level increases. They can be obtained from developer gifts that show up in the Social menu in Town, Mission rewards and drops from enemies and breakables.

Super Fusion happens when you combine 5 of the exact item. Armor is the easiest to due this with. SF level are passed on directly without loss to same type during fuse. Max level is 99 and it directly effect the base stat output like Attack and Defense.

When To Use

Eventually your inventory is gonna get filled up. This is when you’ll have to choose, Fusion or Sell for currency. The higher the level of the item the more currency and fuse experience it will be worth. Try to hold onto item that will be of high quality for when your trying for something. Try to fuse or sell things that are weak or don’t fit into element 4 packs.

Using items that have the same element will offer better results when improving gear. Keep this in mind when cleaning out the closet. This Walkthrough might be of help to you with anticipating whats ahead of you.

There are only 40 different weapons between 5 type which are Broadsword, Glaives, Staves, Dual Crossbows and Sabers. Each one can also have different bonus stats like Critical Rate or Health/Kill. You can find most options very early though it will be low level. It can be better to wait until a 3 or 4 star item is found before going for the big 5 star, then maxing level to 100 for the ultimate item strength.

Check out some Tips and Tricks for a better understand of things you might be missing.

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