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Dungeon Hunter 5 MinionsThere are 10 different Dungeon Hunter 5 Minions each with there own unique look and behavior. Minions are good for 2 things, producing passive income by banking up gold and quartz while your away and defending your Stronghold. You can also test you own Stronghold and fight yourself at the end though you won’t win anything.

Check the Dungeon Hunter 5 Wiki Guide for related info.

How To Get

Minions can be found as random drops from enemies and breakables during missions. They can also be acquired by opening free and paid chest in Town. They will drop constantly on mission making them great for farming.

How To Use

In order for a Minion to be effective it has to be placed in the Stronghold. Once placed it will both guard the place from looters and produce passive income while playing and away.

There is a limit to how many monsters can be had based on the rank. You can increase this limit by leveling up your main player.

Fusion can be used on them just like other equipment, though they can only be fused with other minions, materials, and booster. They  can not be fused with Weapons and Armor. Use the same element for extra experience during upgrades.

Use 5 of the same minions type for Super Fusion bonus chance. Getting SF bonuses can be easier for pets as they usually drop often on certain missions. They can easily be farmed every couple plays to fuse.

Evolution will increase the start count up to a maximum of 5. Unlike most items, these can all be improved for 1 to 5 stars. You need materials found as mission drops to evolve them. The will also have to have their level maxed out through Fusion.

Earnings – There is a limit to how much your Stronghold can hold for gold and quartz earnings. This can be increases by leveling up your main account. To raise the amount of earning per hour you’ll need to raise the level of pets. Their level will directly effect their rate per hour. You might need to exit and re-enter the hold to update earning stats.

Usage Tips

Upgrading – I would recommend holding off on upgrading pets that have 1 star. It can be much cheaper latter to find 2star quality which would save in cost. There should be a couple good drops in the beginning from developers and bounty chests to give you something good to work towards.

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