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Dungeon Hunter 5 StrongholdThe Dungeon Hunter 5 Stronghold is opened up very early in the game by completing missions. There are a few different things that can be done here including earning Gold and Quartz passively over time. For info check out some Tips and Tricks and a Walkthrough.

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Dungeon Hunter 5 Stronghold


Fusion is used to raise the level of your minions by fusing materials and boosters. Using multiple of the same element types will give bonuses while upgrading.

Super Fusion ?

Evolution will increase the star count of the selected minions. There are 10 different looks to collect with about 4 variations for each. All can be increase from 1 to 5 stars, but some have much better stats than other when maxed out. This process is very expensive taking many quartz to complete.

Sell will take you to the same sell section as the Inventory in Town. Us e this to get rid of crowding cheap items


This option lets you face the minions that are placed in your Stronghold. At the end you will have to face a mirror image of your self. Nothing is gained by completing it and is just a little extra thing they added. Is seems like they could add something in the future, but who really knows.


Each minion will produce a certain amount of Gold and Quartz every hour. The earning are updated every minute or so and have a max fill limit. To increase the rate earned you have to have better quality minions. To increase the limit you’ll have to level up your main character with exp.


Choosing this option lets you face other players Strongholds. First you have to face all the nasty enemies they have placed, then you have to face them in the end with a one on one match. If you have any kind of shielded protection it will be voided when attacking others. If you win you’ll get Gold and Quartz. Each match will require 1 Stamina which takes time to regenerate like Energy.

League Points

By winning battles you’ll earn League Points which are used to rank players in the Leagues Top Players List and earn prizes. Find the Top Player list along with League quest goals in the Social menu in Town or by viewing Reports.


Show records of your fighting history. Has a League button at the bottom which allows you to see the Top Players list

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