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Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips and TricksDungeon Hunter 5 Tips and Tricks for insight on how to get ahead. Our Walkthrough also has more info for difficult hurdles and special things that could be missed. This tips and tricks list will be updated regularly so check back often.

If there is anything you would like to share that might help others please leave a comment below. This game is pretty neat with lots of gameplay time so there should be some pretty neat stuff under the hood.

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Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips and Tricks

Best Class – Choosing the Best Class very important when it come to play style. It’s recommended to try each before taking of onto that long journey ahead. If thing seems do difficult you might try another character. Look at every bodies skill sets. Keep an eye out for those things that your interested in. Some classes are better suited for group play more than others, though the game can be completed using all of the with solo gameplay.

Character Info – while in the INFO & Equip menu, tap the blue magnifying glass on the bottom of the screen. This let’s you see detailed information about your character like Attack, Defense, Fear, Critical Hit/Dam, Health regen and other bonuses. A good overall view of whats under the hood.

DPS – Skills will increase your damage output more than equipment items. This is mentioned in the game. A good weapon would be a close second.

Evolution – This will increase the start count on gear up to 5 total. It will also return the item to level zero. Do use the process your gonna need certain material and pay a large fee. The materials can be found by completing certain daily events or gotten as drops on certain missions. This can be viewed by tapping the needed materiel at the evolution screen.

Farming Technique – Eventually you get to that point where things start to slow down and farming becomes necessary. When this happens there are a few simple things to remember before going in. First of you should decide if you going for exp or equipment and items. If your going for exp it’s best to choose missions where enemies can be defeated easy. Trying to farm the hardest level for exp can take more time than it’s worth.

Next, if you want equipment and items from drops and chests you should probably focus on the most difficult stage that you can complete. This will allow for getting items that will help you through the more challenging part which is ahead. Bosses probably drop the best quality goods along with other tough opponents.

Try to stay away from areas where you might die a lot. These places can be less worth the risk when calculation in the cost of healing and other items for sustainability.

Fusion – Use other items in your inventory to increase the level of equipment and skills. You can use up to 4 items at once to raise the level of 1 piece of equipment or skill. Keep in mind that when using Evolution the level is returned to zero, erasing any progress you made before hand.

Combined elements give better results, so all earth items will increase more than 4 different elements. The best thing to do would be save up all your items. Then when things start getting full use or sell off the ones that don’t complete sets of 4.

Health Potions – Be very careful when spamming skills. Before you know you could have accidentally used up all your potions. The buttons are way to close for comfort.

Inventory – When starting out you’ll have a max of 30 for inventory space. To increase the max you’ll need to spend Gems at the Shop in Town. When cleaning house for new items try to hold onto elements in sets of 4 for fusing bonuses.

Item Quality – To raise the star count of gear you have use evolution which requires certain materials and a large sum of money or gotten as rewards and enemy drops. To raise the level use fusion with unwanted items.

Melee & Ranged – Its good to have both a strong melee and and ranged basic weapon along with you. Many tough bosses can be picked off easy by some Dual Crossbow fire from way back.

Sets – You can arrange up to 5 different equipment combinations in your inventory. You’ll get another chance to change it before each mission.

Skills – Try to keep one of everything. Later in the game things will naturally become obsolete and replaced by better skills.

Social – Make sure to check this menu to collect all kind of free stuff. Gameloft has been doing a great job of giving us some  nice free stuff.

Solo – This is the single player campaign where others can join for help. Progress further here to get better drops and unlock more features. Try to choose a companion who meets the element requirements for missions.

YouTube – You could find some Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips and Tricks on YouTube.

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