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Dungeon Hunter 5 WalkthroughA Dungeon Hunter 5 Walkthrough going through the basics along with some in-depth information. This walkthrough will be updated daily to insure it’s reaches a level of extreme usability. Check back in the near future for updated information.

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For the most part your going to want and move forward as much as possible. You could stop to grind in situations, but by moving forward equipment found and currency can grow fast. There are some good places that could be used to take a small break grinder and I will try to list them.

Some points in the game are meant to be hard. This is probably due to the developers putting in squeeze point try to get some cash out of you. These are the places where your gonna need to grind a bit to move ahead. This is especially so when playing on the harder difficulties.

General Tips

DPS – Skills will increase your damage output more than equipment items, this is what the game mentions on a loading screen. However this is not true. Your gonna need a good weapon right from the start. Having some strong armor will also help with survivability. All skills can be improved from 1 to 5 stars, while weapons and armor can cap at 3 stars. This might be what the developers are referring to.

Elemental Weakness – Every mission will have a certain element attacked to it. Try to use weapons and helpers that will do more damage via enemy weaknesses.

Evolution – This will increase the start count on gear up to 5 total. It will also return the item to level zero. Do use the process your gonna need certain material and pay a large fee. The materials can be found by completing certain daily events or gotten as drops on certain missions. This can be viewed by tapping the needed materiel at the Evolution screen.

Fusion – Use other items in your inventory to increase the level of equipment and skills. You can use up to 4 items at once to raise the level of 1 piece of equipment or skill. Keep in mind that when using Evolution the level is returned to zero, erasing any progress you made before hand.

Combined elements give better results during Fusion, so all earth items will increase more than 4 different elements. The best thing to do would be save up all your items. Then when things start getting full use or sell off the ones that don’t complete sets of 4.

Inventory – When starting out you’ll have a max of 30 for inventory space. To increase the max you’ll need to spend Gems at the Shop in Town. When cleaning house for new items try to hold onto elements in sets of 4 for fusing bonuses.

Item Quality – To raise the star count of gear you have use evolution which requires certain materials and a large sum of money or gotten as rewards and enemy drops. To raise the level use fusion with unwanted items.

Quartz – This will be unlocks fairly early in the game and is used to fuse and evolve minions in the Stronghold. Quartz can be acquired by defeating enemies, chest, mission rewards, developer gives and selling things.

Sets – You can arrange up to 5 different equipment combinations in your inventory. You’ll get another chance to change it before each mission.

Skills – Try to keep one of everything. Later in the game things will naturally become obsolete and replaced by better skills.

Social – Make sure to check this menu to collect all kind of free stuff. Gameloft has been doing a great job of giving us some  nice free stuff.

Solo – This is the single player campaign where others can join for help. Progress further here to get better drops and unlock more features. Try to choose a companion who meets the element requirements for missions.

YouTube – Have you tried search YouTube for Dungeon Hunter 5 Walkthrough stuff. They probably have things you’d be interested.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Walkthrough

When Starting out your going to be going through the basics. You’ll learning the controls along with fight enemies that are weak and mostly for training. Make sure to keep a look out for things that are breakable and chests. These will produce small amounts of gold that can quickly build up. Chest can contain good gear that will help when things start to get more challenging. You’ll also get a better idea of where items like these are located so you be able to hunt them down easier in the future.

There are many things to destroy for currency and chest with equipment along with other items. Finding really good gear in chest will help of set the gold spent at the store. This in turn will free up gold for ding other things like crafting and upgrading gear.


1. The Persistent Bounty

N – Training along with many easy to defeat targets. Be sure to search around for chests and breakables.

2. The Liar’s Gambit

N – Go right in beginning to find chest. Search man on stage to release him from torture, maybe releases something further down, at the very least helpful or maybe a bad move. When completed you’ll only have a few more things to learn in town then you get to lead.

3. The Bandit and the Thief

N – Another easy one. Look out for puddles on the ground that can slow you down. Ranged attacks can easily be dodged by side stepping. Boss will teleport away at first and make you fight a group of thugs. When she comes back just stay on her. I trapped her under the north wood structure and she never hit.

4. Running The Gauntlet


5. The Desecration


6. An Archmage In Peril


7. The Corrupted Woods

Normal – This is the first mission to seem difficult to beat. The ones following are actually much easier and I would recommend spending a few potions to get through it. This would be a profit point where developers hope that gamers through some money at this things.

8. The Trial

Normal – Can seem difficult at first but is actually very easy once you can dodge all the traps. Don’t forget the chest behind the false wall in the beginning.

9. A Key Reforged


10. Precautionary Steps


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