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Dungeon Hunter 5 Weapons, Armor & SkillsWeapons, Armor and Skills are probably the most important asset in Dungeon Hunter 5. To make things even more complicated Weapons and Armor can come in 1 of 5 different elements. Each elemental type will help defend against or do more damage to the same type. Visit our Dungeon Hunter 5 Wiki Guide for more info.

With the many different things available it can be hard to have everything you want due to a very small inventory space. Kind of a not nice thing to do making us choose only a few items out a vast list of possibilities. But this seems to be the way everybody is making games these days for mobile. I suggest spending those hard earned gems from leveling up and completing mission to increase your inventory space by 5 per 10 Gems. This will help a ton with the long road ahead of sorting through the many items.

To makes things even more complicated you can use Super Fusion to give weapons and armor special bonuses to strength by combining 5 of the same type. This makes it almost impossible to have what you want as your forced to sell or fuse after almost every mission.


Here a best weapons poll to help make your decisions a little bit easier:

The fun thing about Dungeon Hunter 5 is that by simply switching your weapon you change your class, but can only bring 2 into battle with you at a time. The down side is these are the most difficult things to upgrade fully with super fusion due to lack of inventory space and that large amount of options. Then, throw in the element type on top of things and it’s literately too much to keep track of.

Pay attention to the extra bonuses on your main attack gear as this can make a big difference. I try to keep something that has HP regen option as potions are hard to com by and it can turn the tide of a battle. It will also help you keep you HP level up for the end boss who you’ll probably need it for.

The majority of folk seem to like the dual wielding probably due to its ability to take down single targets fast. This will come in hand for the large amount of bosses you’ll be facing through the game.

Glaives would be the next best thing for it’s amazing crowd control and dealing with the masses when your surrounded. At the end of every 3rd normal hit you’ll unless a hellish spinning attack that hits everything around you. You can’t beat free AoE’s.

The 3rd choice goes to the Crossbow which can attack things from a pretty good distance away. Enemies that are slow or can be easily avoided will be taken down without a fuss.


The ideal thing would be to have a piece of Armor for every element so you could be ready for any situation. But to to the lack of inventory space your gonna be forced time and time again to pick and choose. The good thing about armor is that there all the same type and can be used for super fusion. This makes armor one of the easiest items to max out completely next to Minions.

In the early game having the best elemental type for a mission isn’t that big of deal. Later on the you can prevent lots of damage when playing be the rules. You will probably not always have this option available to you as it takes so much time and energy to up grade just 1 piece of armor that you can possible do one of each, at least not at first.


There is an absolute ton of Skills to choose from and how it hurts to not have room for all of them. Dear console, please come to mobile. The good thing about skills is that each one can be upgraded from 1 star to 5 star though some will start at a higher tier. Skills can be equipped in 3 different places including the Shield, Skill, and Belt spot in the inventory. Certain one can only be put in certain spots so make sure of this before selling or crafting.

Though the game tells you multiple times that skill are better than normal attacks this seem to be far from the truth. They can though be great for support especially at higher levels. Getting Super Fusion level on skills will almost seem impossible as is going to require much more grinding than any other equipment in the game.

Check out some Tips and Tricks that can help shed some light on thing that you might not be fully aware of.

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