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Dungeon Hunter 5 Weapons Classes Guide Tips CheatsA Dungeon Hunter 5 Weapons and Classes Guide with Tips, Cheats and more. For a list of all thing Dungeon Hunter 5 related on this website visit our Dungeon Hunter 5 Wiki Guide.

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Dungeon Hunter 5 Weapons & Classes

The biggest thing to remember is that there are no classes. You start with one character only who can equip every item in the game. The items and element types you equip will determine your character and class type.

Dual Blades – Quick deadly strike with probably the most DPS which is good for taking things out fast. First few hits are small sweeping out from the players position. The last combo hit does damage to things in front  wide decent width. Quick strike makes it easy for consistent damage being dealt with Dual Blades.

Glaive – The best weapons for fighting groups as its combo attack is a large close range AoE. There are many situations in Dungeon Hunter 5 where many enemies will attack at once. The Glaive when upgraded can make sort work of group by hitting many of them at once. The damage zone of this weapons radius with both normal attacks and combo’s has a bigger kill zone tan any other weapon.

Crossbow – A long distance damager with off screen range. Can do a very good job of cleaning things up with taking too much HP loss. Can be a great backup weapon when it has an HP absorb attached to it for filling health on the go.

Staves – Staves are another long range weapon like the Crossbow only deals damage to a wide radius with 3 orbs. Can hit multiple targets at a distance with normal moves and has rapid multi orb single target combo attack for taking down big targets. Works better for groups, though can help hit long range target that are always on the move.

Greatsword – A hard hitting weapon meant to do damage directly in front of you with long distance slam for combos. The Greatsword is more geared toward single target damage and is not very good for fighting groups. Many times the only reason to use one would be some kind of achievement or it’s the only thing you got.

Skills – There are 3 separate spots for Skills which are the Shield, Hand and Belts. All of the equipment found that will fill up these spots will have skills attacked to them that can be used in stages. The vary greatly between each with there being over 42 total. All skills can be raise to 5 stars through Evolution, though some will start out at 3 stars.

Guide Tips Cheats

Fusion – Fusion is the process of or raising the level of cards by combining them with other items. Using things that have the same element type will give bonuses to the amount of exp earned while Fusing.

Super Fusion – When using 5 of the same type of items during Fusion you will trigger a possible Super Fusion chance. This gives the base stats for an item a boost taking it to it’s full potential. Armor is the easiest to do this with as every piece found is considered the same type.

EvolutionEvolution will raise the amount of star an item has increasing it base stats. Though the max is 5 stars not all items get get past 3 stars. Skills and Minions can all by Evolved up to 5 stars. Weapons and Armor will vary with much of the early equipment only going up to there. Weapons and Armor will only do two things, go from 1-3 and go from 3-5. So things you find that have 3 stars are either max out low level gear or high level gear that can still be improved.

Spending 50 gems on chest can be a great way to get strong items early. To use any item in Evolve it’s level must be maxed out through Fusion first. Materials will also be needed for Evolution that can be found as drops in stages with he same element type and Daily Events.

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