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Dungeon Hunter 5 WeaponsDungeon Hunter 5 Weapons are used for normal attacks. There are 6 different weapon types Broadsword, Dual Blades, Dual Crossbow, Glaive, Stave. Each class has 8 different elemental types Fire, Water, Nature, Darkness, Light and several other categories like a specific weapon.

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Dungeon Hunter 5 Weapons


Fusion can increase a weapons level to a max of 100, but some only go up to 65 or 75, but not 100. Most 5 star items will not max out at 100. To reach 100 is more common on lower level gear.

Super Fusion points can be earned by combine 5 items of the same type for added attack power. You also transfer Super Fusion point to other items during the Fusion process if they are the same type.

Evolution will raise the star level of a weapon which can only be done 2 times. So unless it stars out with 3 star it will never get to level 5 so using Evolution will be a guaranteed waste. Try to get you hands on some 3 star gear by paying 50 Gems in Chest menu at Town. These will produce a 3 star or better 100% of the time. Be careful when spending Gems as there are permanent buffs that use them like increasing inventory space.

When getting a 3 star item for the first time look to see if it can be evolved, if so then 5 will be possible. If not then it’s a maxed out version of a lower quality, but great for fusing and cash.

Best Weapons

The best weapons are those that start out at level 3, 4 and 5. This means they will be able to max out with 5 stars making it a legitimate piece of equipment to invest in for the long run. Choose ones that have good bonus stats like Health per Kill and critical stuff. These buffs can be a big help in targeting specific character traits like DPS and defense.

In Town in your INFO & Equip menu tap the blue glass at the bottom. This will show you totals for many different thing about your class.

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