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Dungeon Hunter 5 Wiki GuideA Dungeon Hunter 5 Wiki and Guide with a growing list of information. Dungeon Hunter 5 is a Diablo like Role Playing game developed by Gameloft and available on Android and iOS mobile gaming systems. It almost feels like a handheld Dragon Age.

This Dungeon Hunter 5 Wiki is in preparation for the next installment soon to be released March 12th of 2015. Be sure to check back in the future cause when this game is finally released where gonna have a pile of juice info.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Wiki

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Like most of the past titles we can expect to see at least 4 different classes available for play. They will probably include a slower melee, faster assassin type melee, mage with magic skills, and the unforgettable archer class.

One of the few developer who take mobile gaming to the limit. One of the best dungeon crawling loot machines available for mobile gaming.

Wield the power of the elements by summoning large creature to deal big damage to enemies maximizing on their weaknesses. Travel through many different stages with multiple difficulties engaging all sort of different enemies along the way. Battle huge bosses that will test your gaming skills and character abilities.

Start the game with amazing looking armor that can be forged and made even stronger and better looking. Finding tons of loots and buying it at the store just isn’t enough. Make your own and upgrade the items you have.

Join millions of other players online. Start a Guild with your friends or recruit random folks from around the world and make your online presence by known. As if this game wasn’t good enough they had to let us play with other, thank you.

The official Wikia release went well I thought. It’s nice to have a knowledge bank ready to go, makes things better when their a lot to do. For those who may not know the developers pre-made a Wikia page that was launched the same day as Dungeon Hunter 5.

You can bet that this will be another huge success for mobile gaming and a great start to 2015. Now if we could only get more title like these for playing on the go. Or better yet, give us easier tools to make these kind of title ourselves instead of compartmentalizing it behind an intentionally difficult programming process. Some day…


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