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Dungeon Hunter 5 XP FarmingIf you plan on playing Dungeon Hunter 5 all the way through your gonna need to do some XP Farming eventually. This Walkthrough may help you overcome a hurdle so farming may not be necessary.

The main thing that’s gonna help you out is to move fast though areas. Speed is better than amount earned up till a certain point. Keep an eye on things and move to harder stages when stronger.

Visit the Dungeon Hunter 5 Wiki Guide. for more info.


Having good equipment is going to b the main factor in survivability. The game can move rapidly when it comes to getting stronger equipment. For this reason you shouldn’t be too hasty in upgrading thing that you have.

Getting different types of currency while playing can take time. You should save your currency for time when you get stuck. This will allow you to both farm for the best gear you can currency get and then upgrade it to push through the barrier.

XP Farming

When farming exp you should do so in area that can be completed quickly. The hardest stage can be a bad choice as time to kill enemies is much slower. Just back up and stage until you find a happy medium.

Before going for xp you should probably try to replace any low level gear. This is especially true fro attack power as kill time will be the most important factor in leveling up faster.

Item Farming

When farming there are basically two things to get for and that is money/items and experience. For items your gonna want to farm in places that can be clean out without to much risk of dying.


Having the Best Class for the job will also play a big role in the amount of experience earned. Having a class that can attack multiple enemies for free like melee weapons will quicken the process.

Close range classes with there heavy armor will be much better at looting stages. Long range units can all have a big effect, but usually skills that would hit multiple foe costs MP.

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