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Earn to Die 2 Wiki Guide FAQ Tip Trick CheatAn Earn to Die 2 Wiki with Guides, FAQ’s, Tips, Tricks and Cheats. Earn to Die 2 is a Racing game developed by Not Doppler and is available free for Android on Google Play, but iOS users may have to pay a fee on iTunes.

This Earn to Die 2 Wiki, Guide and FAQ can be updated with new Tips, Tricks and Cheats depending on popularity. Check back soon for more stuff. Feel free to leave comment and helpful info in the comments below.

Earn to Die 2 Wiki

Guide FAQ Tip Trick Cheat

Fuel – Your going to need lots of fuel to make it through levels. Fuel should be focused on first until something else gets in the way like needing more armor. There are fuel recovery stations located throughout stages, but you’ll have to get there first.

Game Mode – One of 3 Game Modes can be selected from the main menu. Right now it looks like the Missions is still under construction.

Story – A long ride through 9 levels where you’ll need to upgrade vehicles to finish levels. It will probably take a long time to complete this unless you spend wisely.

Free Ride – You’ll need to complete Story Mode before this can be played.

Missions – Coming Soon…

Money – Money will be the main source of currency and you gonna have to drive a lot for it. The further you can make the more cash will be earned at the end of the run. Later Vehicles will cost much more to upgrade, but can be much more helpful.

Vehicles – Right now there are 10 different vehicles to choose from. You need to complete the required level though before they can be unlocked. Each one will start out with a basic normal car look, then change according to the upgrade invested in.

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