May 262015

Empires and Allies Best Units Strategy GuideA Empires and Allies Best Units Strategy Guide to help shed light on things. This app can be found for free download for Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes just recently, though it has been out since 2011 on Facebook.

This Empires and Allies Best Units Strategy Guide can be updated with new info in the near future. Depending on popularity this content can be massively expanded so be sure to check back. Please leave any questions or helpful advice in the comments below.

Empires and Allies Best Units Strategy Guide

It’s pretty safe to say that the #1 choice for the battle field is the Titan Tank. It may have a weakness to Railguns and Domed THEL, but it’s very strong against everything. This guy focuses on single targets and makes them feel bad. When in large number everything will crumble in your wake. Titan Tank should be used with other units strategically to minimize casualties and improve earning.

In the end it’s gonna be how you use your army that makes the big difference. If not done right your guys can attack the wrong targets or get confused and focus on none threats when their being fired on. Make sure to take a good look before entering an area and continue to make it through obstacles with taking damage. If the right tools are used hard things can become much easier.

Sometime having cheap throw always can be a good idea too. Higher level units will take longer to build and cost more resources. It may be more cost effective to drop in a bunch of weaker and cheap guy’s to get the job done.

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