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EvilBane Rise of Ravens Wiki Guide Tip Walkthrough Best CharacterEvilBane: Rise of Ravens Wiki with Guides, Walkthrough info, Tips and Tricks, a Best Character poll and more on another areas of the game. EvilBane: Rise of Ravens is action RPG developed by Netmarble and is available for free download on Android and  iTunes.

Check back to this EvilBane: Rise of Ravens Wiki and Guide in the future for new and updated Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats and who knows what else could land here.

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The game can be played with 3 different characters including the Knight, Berserker and Assassin. Each one various differently when it comes to defense, attack and speed. Things start off with a short tutorial that is relatively harmless and semi fast to complete. After a short time game features will open up and many things will become available.

The Codex holds a list of all gear in the game so you can see where your item ranks in the over 1000 available. Higher rarity for weapons means more skills that can be used in battle. There are multiple different ways to increase rarity of an item besides finding it as a drop. All weapons, armor and accessories can have a rarity of 1 Uncommon – 6 Mythic.

One of the best features about this app is the ability to auto battle most stages with limits. So from start to finish all you have to worry about is hitting the right skill button at the right time. This makes playing EvilBane on BlueStacks a more than enjoyable experience. The only down side to only using auto battle would be not targeting a group of enemies well enough to maximize damage of a skill. For the most part it’s a big help and can speed things up dramatically in some cases.

Eventually, stuff will start to get more difficult. This would be the time to venture into other areas that can be completed like Raids and the Dungeon. The last thing to do is upgrade gear in many scenarios as this will cut down on the chances of wasting upgrade materials just before finding something better.


Adventure – Adventure mode is open from the beginning and each stage is a chapter that must be completed to unlock other areas/features of the game. At first things will seem easy, but after a short while around chapter 7 the enemies will become more difficult. When this happens your gonna have to play other parts of the game like Raids and Dungeons. It might be best to get a s far as possible before upgrading items. This can help make sure you don’t waste gold on something than find a better item soon after.

Arena Ch11 – The Arena is where you play against other players stats (not live) for gem rewards. It shouldn’t be too hard reaching the higher tier rewards if you play multiple times a day as much as possible.

Dungeon – In the Dungeon you can ear all kinds of rewards. There are 15 area with each if them have a stronger boss on the last stage. By earning 3 stars on each dungeon you unlock Armor tickets which can be used to find up to T4Heroic armor. This is located at the bottom of the screen on the main Dungeon menu and is called [Matera] Star Mission.

Raid CH7 – Raids can be opened up by completing stages in Dungeon mode.

Rarity Tier

1Common 2Uncommon 3Rare 4Heroic 5Legendary 6Mythic

There are several different ways to increase the rarity of gear besides finding it as a reward.

You can Combine 2 Lv30 items for 1 of higher tier of the target item used during the combine process. Example, Helm Lv30 Legendary (Target) + Gloves Lv30 Legendary (Material) = Helm Lv30 Mythic.

Another way would be to use a Heavenstone with a Lv30 item for a better rarity of the item used for upgrade. Heavenstones are specific to gear when used for upgrades.

Tips & Tricks

Coupons – Input EvilBane Coupon and Pre-registration Coupons for in game bonuses and freebies. These can most likely be found be visiting the developers social media, official website or through other means of advertising.

Best Character/Class

For me I like the Berserker for his damage output with melee weapons. You can check the Codex and view all the weapons and armor in the game and see which character has the best gear.

The Knight has the best defense out of all classes. The Assassin is build for speed with higher critical rate.

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