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Evolve Hunters Quest Wiki Guide FAQ Tips TricksThis is an Evolve: Hunters Quest Wiki with Guides and FAQ’s mixed in with some Tips and Tricks. Evolve: Hunters Quest is an Action Puzzle RPG developed by 2K Games, Inc. and is available for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This Evolve: Hunters Quest Wiki including it’s Guides, FAQ’s, Tips and Tricks can be updated daily depending on popularity. Check back in the future for new and updated content. Feel free to use the comment below to ask questions and find additional information.

Evolve: Hunters Quest Wiki

Guide FAQ Tips Tricks

Ability – Abilities can be used during mission to do various effects from damage to healing. Each class has 3 different abilities that they can use, but each will require more energy to activate. Most moves in battle will cause the corresponding class to earn energy which will charge there abilities. When enough is earned to charge one of the 3 section the ability menu can be entered by tapping it, then select the desired or available actions. Using the x2 multiplier will cause more energy to be earned during a match.

Best Character – There are 4 different characters slot and each of them has 3 that can be selected for it. As the game moves forward you’ll unlock the next ones and can then select them from the stage select screen. Each character has it’s own 3 unique abilities that can be used in battle.

Batteries – Batteries is the term used for how many time someone can play at once. There are 5 battery lights that will reduce by 1 when doing chapters events and continuing missions. The game cannot be played without this and they will recharge over time.

Bestiary – The Bestiary can be entered at anytime from the monster icon in the top right of the Chapter & Stage select screen. You’ll also have the option to enter the Bestiary after completing a stage when getting. There are 4 different areas Forest, Desert, Ice and Acid which each have there on list of beasts. When collecting all the wildlife in a certain area the player will get 1 of four badges which are Wraith, Goliath, Kraken and Time Warrior.

Boosts – Boosts can be purchased for 35 Credits each just before entering an area. They can offer bonuses to damage, shield and energy gain while in the heat of battle. These can be a big help on the tough stuff like bosses that run away.

Events – Events are the multiplayer aspect of the app where people can gain points to rank on leader boards. The more points you can get the higher you’ll rank. When you do good enough skins can be earned that will give characters a different look, but will not change their stats. Can also acquire different bones types for the Bestiary. To access Events keep hitting the back button until at the front screen. Some missions will require a certain team to play and usually have better rewards.

Mastery Points – Mastery points are used to purchase special items that can be used in battle. They can be gotten from crates dropped by enemies after defeat which need to be tapped to be collected.

Nest Mode – In nest mode you’ll have to match tokens based on enemies nest that are in the fight window. The bigger the combo the better the damage. Your timed in these missions with the big red bar slowly going down. When time run out you will loose if you haven’t destroyed all the eggs. The more eggs you smash the better you’ll do, so just keep trying to get big combos and making matches.

Tokens – Every little piece on the playing board is called a Token. Every character will have their own look and color along with others that have special effects.

  • Attack (Bullet) – Matching the Bullets will cause the whole team to attack and cause lots of damage. Will not gain Energy however from the group attack.
  • Monster (Claw) – Matching these will cause enemies to hit the player. This is a negative effect and should be avoided.
  • x2 – These will multiply the effects of matches depending on what they do. So healing will heal more and anything that causes HP loss to enemies will cause more. Can be used like a joker card for every type of match. Great for making those big combos even bigger.


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