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EZ PZ RPG Ally and RankStarting at level 15 you’ll be able to use an EZ PZ RPG Ally. Allies are extra NPC that will help out in battle doing damage, using skills and acting as a tank. An ally can wear the same equipment that the main character can, Relics included, but only a weapon, shield, pants and armor, other types of gear can’t be worn. You’ll only be able to have one at a time in battle, though enemies can have 3.

Allies will only have 4 skills that are relevant to their class and you’ll need to increase rank to equip more, though the first slot is already unlocked. One thing to remember is that on most of the screens in game there is a “?” in the top left corner that can be tapped for more information for that area. On a side note you can see more related content on our EZ PZ RPG Wiki Guide.


Warrior – When allies become available at level 15 this guy will be ready and waiting. Because he’s is gotten first it might be worth investing in him for the long run as you’ll have the most time to do so. Uses melee weapons and is the best tank out o the group.

Hunter – Uses a bow and focuses on AGI for high hit and dodge rate.

Mage – Uses group attacks that can speed up battle time improving the rate of acquiring gold, exp and items. Uses rods for weapons and books in the off hand slot.


Rank is the processes of increasing an ally’s base stats by a large amount. This will be the biggest factor in raising their strength in battle as they don’t gain exp in battle like the main character does. As rank goes up you’ll be able to equip more skills at a once for use in fights.

To increase rank you’ll need to use Manuals on the Upgrade screen. Manuals can be found in Trials which are on the battle screen, but not unlocked until level 30. Trials are very difficult battle that consist of fighting many Bosses in a row. They will be hard to defeat and impossible when the option first becomes available.


Training is the best way to increase their strength both early in the game and much later.  When you train you’ll pay 16,000g for a random roll that will increase or decrease their main stats STR, AGI, INT and VIT. The best thing to do is always select the roll that has more green value than red. Anything that has more red then green is a loss and will result in reducing your stats overall. This is a great place to spend extra gold to raise your DPS and survivability. You can also train with Gems, but you’ll certain VIP levels to do so.

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